System Corporation - Singer Sargent - No Win - Gothic Tropic - Eileen Carey

System Corporation - Dismal Universal Hiss.

Background - New Zealand’s System Corporation Announce Debut Single 'Dismal Universal Hiss'. New Zealand rock outfit System Corporation are releasing their debut single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss’ well ahead of their debut album ‘Fiction Dept.’, slated for release in late 2017.

System Corporation began in 2011, based on a conversation between Phil Somervell (The Datsuns) and their long standing engineer Scott Newth about swapping demos. The two were sharing a flat in Stockholm while The Datsuns were working on their fifth album ‘Death Rattle Boogie’. 

Scott began work on producing the demos, cutting them up, rearranging them, and adding vocals. They became a trio when they enlisted fellow Datsuns’ bandmate Ben Cole (also from The Joint Chiefs) on drums, and then evolved into a five-piece when Scott started working on his own demos for the project, finally enlisting his brothers and bandmates Andrew and Kent Newth (Rumpus Room) to help flesh them out. However, the original trio ended up collaborating on a number of new songs, giving System Corporation two distinct songwriting avenues.  

The band’s debut single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss’ could easily have been written about the rise of Trump or Brexit. But it wasn’t – it was written at the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the rise of the so-called 99%, mass protests, and rallying against a broken system that creates ill-gotten wealth and sucks it into a vacuum unattainable by the mere masses. Dismal Universal Hiss will be released on April 28 and will be made available via usual online platforms, but can already be ordered through the band’s Bandcamp here. Website here, Facebook here.

Powerful full on guitar rock, with vocals that glide sky high above the roar of 'Dismal Universal Hiss' makes for a fabulous anthem like song. The track packs commitment and emotion, this is one top class debut single.


Singer Sargent - Western Life.

Background - You just know it’s real when you hear his voice, one that comes out of a heart that’s been broken more than once. It’s in the raw soul of a singer with a working man's charm that's not afraid of the fierce intelligence behind life’s pain. Singer/songwriter Tim Sargent’s debut song-cycle is superbly produced by Phillip Peterson (Portugal the Man, Shaprece) and comes out June 2nd on new label House of Breaking Glass. 

Working under the banner of Singer Sargent, the songs from  An Ordinary Life were lovingly woodshedded on an acoustic guitar at open mic's in Seattle, near a campfire on the beach and sometimes in the near dark. 

The songs were then brought to Phillip Peterson. They collaborated and exchanged ideas, tracking and sometimes re-tracking until the groove felt right. Tim played the acoustic and electric guitars. Phillip on bass, cellos, organ, horns & percussion. Andrew Barkau had a beautiful turn at the drums, with the legendary drummer Hal Blaine in the talks leading up to the session. Steve Norman took it in a new direction with his pedal steel, which works deftly on the pop songs. Shane McDonald handled the keys, whose understatements speak volumes. 

First single ”Western Life" is an almost verbatim account of a five year span during his twenties, except there was three boys, not "a boy and a girl." 

The first of thirteen songs that make up 'An Ordinary Life' is the single 'Western Life'. This is an exceptional album that should appeal to lovers of country & country rock, alt rock and Americana for starters. Or if you just like melodic variety, intelligent lyrics and a stylish engaging singer who is surrounded by excellent musicians and vocal harmonies that make you tingle, this might just become your brand new favourite album.


No Win - Crooked Heart.

Background - No Win shares "Crooked Heart" his latest single which is available via Dangerbird Records. Beer soaked bloody nose broken heart...this is what LA's No Win does best.  The solo project of Musician/Producer/Engineer Danny Nogueiras, is rife with honesty, distortion and great songs!  With a little help from his friends Max Keuhn (Fidlar), Brandon Schwartzel (Fidlar), Marshall Vore (Ryan Adams, Phoebe Bridgers), and David Jerkovich (Kind of Like Spitting).  No Win’s two new singles “Crooked Heart” and “You’ll Be Fine” out via Dangerbird keeps us up to speed with, and wanting more of No Win’s straight up, unapologetic brand of rock and roll. Just imagine if The Replacements got into a bar fight with Teenage Fanclub and somehow Superchunk ends up with the black eye...That’s No Win.

Microdose is a monthly single release and live event series celebrating new music from our neighborhood (LA's Eastside) and beyond. This platform will serve as a launchpad for up-and-coming artists, uniting and expanding our artistic community.  Monthly singles will include an A-side and B-side, and each artist will perform live at Dangerbird's Silver Lake based HQ/event space. "A good old fashioned keg party for the artist, their community and the neighborhood as a whole. Dangerbird Records here.

'Crooked Heart' is one of those songs that just gets a good feeling vibe going, and then digs it's hooks in deep. Likable Alt rock delivered with warmth and feeling.


Gothic Tropic - Your Soul.

Background - Los Angeles’ Gothic Tropic have shared "Your Soul" the fourth single off the upcoming album 'Fast or Feast' due May 19th on Old Flame Records. 

The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe playful and punchy, bringing audiences into a new era of female rock nobility, nodding to stars like Debbie Harry, and Chrissie Hynde. 

Delivering a blend of Richard Lloyd and Nile Rodgers on guitar, Gothic Tropic’s Della Peruti has won sponsorships with Fender, and leading pedal manufacturers, and works professionally as a touring and session player for Charli XCX, BØRNS, and more. Old Flame records pre-order here. Facebook here.

This is fifth time around on Beehive Candy for Gothic Tropic and the fourth single ahead of May's album release is 'Your Soul'. Clearly their music has won me over, in fact they now hold our House Band status!


Eileen Carey - Good Bad Girl.

Background - Award-winning singer-songwriter Eileen Carey recently grabbed music industry headlines when New Music Weekly named her its 2017 Crossover Artist of the Year. Gracefully breaking down the barriers between country and pop, Carey is at it once again as she blurs the line between naughty and nice in her flirtatious feel-good new single "Good Bad Girl."

Having recently starred at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, TN, Eileen Carey is also thrilled with both the immediate and possible long-term effects of her NMW award: “This award is particularly satisfying because it reflects the opinions of the radio music directors, programming, and industry folks. They’re the ones who can make a big difference in your career.”

Eileen Carey continues to post in her new blog, The Music Mom. The Music Mom reveals Carey's desire to positively impact others via the sharing of her experiences and wisdom: “The world is filled with ups and downs, so I want to help people see things in a more positive light and find a better place in life.” The Music Mom here, Facebook here.

Another slice of country music full of pop sensibilities is 'Good Bad Girl'. No wonder the award mentioned above, this is straight and honest popular music that has feel good tattooed all over it.