Twin Jackal - The Prids - Taylor Mac

Twin Jackal - Cruel.

Background - Twin Jackal are a band on the move! The South London based rock band are to release ‘Cruel’, their follow up single to ‘Humility’. Both songs are from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Optimo Animo’ which has all the hallmarks of a future classic.

We are pleased to unveil ‘Cruel’ a forceful contemporary rock punch that’s both adrenaline-powered and lyrically eloquent. Producer Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Arctic Lake) recorded and produced the song in Decimal Studios, his riverside studio in late 2016.

Twin Jackal formed through a love of underground, experimental rock and post-hardcore bands such as Arcane Roots and Marmozets, along with the starrier likes of Biffy Clyro and Million Dead. With the anger of hardcore or metal, the fuzz of stoner rock and always searching for the true emotion of pop and indie rock, they have truly found their own unique sound: a mind-boggling mix of math rock rhythms, unpredictable guitars and soulful vocals sewn together into a fierce wall of sound. FACEBOOK, WEBSITE.

'Cruel' is an impressive and full bodied rocker that just gets on with being what it is. Unpretentious and energised, the band just cut to the chase and deliver up a persuasive rock & roll piece.


The Prids - Elizabeth Ann.

Background - Portland, OR-based, noise pop band, The Prids, share their new single and video, "Elizabeth Ann." The Prids new LP, Do I Look Like I'm In Love?, is due out January 12th, 2018 via This-a-Way Records. The fact that there’s even a new Prids record is a miracle. In March of 2015 bassist-vocalist Mistina La Fave suffered a brain hemorrhage the night before the band was scheduled to enter the studio. The recovery was physically and mentally taxing, and La Fave is lucky to be alive, let alone playing and performing again. The Prids’ 22 years have been marked with death, sickness, divorce, and a near-fatal van crash that cut a tour short and left members bloody and broken—but they survive through the friendship and bond of founding members La Fave and guitarist-vocalist David Frederickson. While those events have invariably made their way into the band’s narrative, the two simply chalk it up to life.

They met in La Fave’s small hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri, in 1995, not long after Frederickson had moved there from Southern California. They started a relationship (they divorced in 2001, not long after they married), formed The Prids, and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, before settling in Portland, Oregon, in 1999. In that time they’ve released four full-lengths and a trail of EPs, toured all over the world, while gaining the respect of bands throughout Portland for their tenacity and longevity (The Prids are one of the longest-running active bands in the city). They continue to make music for the right reasons—with or without a label, for themselves. A few years ago they brought in drummer Gordon Nickel and multi-instrumentalist Tim Yates, their sturdiest lineup to date. These four individuals are what make Do I Look Like I’m In Love? such a special record.

Throughout it all The Prids have remained completely DIY (the band even launched its own label/artist collective This-a-Way Records in 1996). Their videos and album art are as brilliantly conceived as the music itself. And in 2017 the Prids are playing with the same ardor they did 20 years ago. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this band is the embodiment of that. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

We first featured The Prids in late September and can now follow up with their new single 'Elizabeth Ann'. Fast paced and dynamic this is an impressive indie rock song, where the melody is light and yet fuels some fine hooks along the way.


Taylor Mac - Never Wanted You.

Background - Russian Winter Records is excited to announce the release of Never Wanted You, the debut single from Kansas City based singer, Taylor Mac. The 23 year old has a smooth, powerful voice, with a strikingly pure vibrato.

The single was just named Number 157 of the NBT Music Radio Top 300 Singles of 2017 and here's what Emerging Indie Bands said about the single:

"The listener finds themselves drawn, like iron to magnet, as the stunning vocal wraps around the room. The unhurried song is layered with inflection, melody and harmonies which belie the sparse framework creating an immersive composition and finds the audience wanting to hear more." BANDCAMP.

There is something of a timeless feel to 'Never Wanted You' in the sense that if you told me it was from the late sixties I would not argue. It's not of course, however a classic pop feel permeates through this song, and that surely cannot be a bad thing!