Yellow Feather - White Birches - Little Axe

Yellow Feather - Lucille.

Background - Old Fort, North Carolina band Yellow Feather, which features vocalist Casey Kristofferson, daughter of Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge, released their debut album, And Gold, arlier this month.

Yellow Feather also features guitarist/vocalist Hunter Begley (who stars in the video for the album’s first single “Lucille”) and lap steel player Charlie Wills and the album features drummer Herschel VanDyke and bassist Robert Parks along with a slew of special guests!

And Gold was recorded at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC with producer Rorey Carroll, mixed at Café Rooster Records in Nashville w/ sound engineer Gabe Masterson and mastered by Alex McCollough (Jim Lauderdale, Amanda Shires, Todd Snider) at True East Mastering in Nashville.

Mountains call many to their bosom. Born sheltered by the winding valleys, amidst time-worn peaks, or discovered down a  shady dirt road, songs and humans alike, have many origins. Hunter Begley found himself in an eastern descent past Asheville, past the weird, and staring at truth. In the small town of Old Fort NC, searching for a room to fit his bed and guitar,he found a loft belonging to Casey Kristofferson. What became of the friendship that followed was the band, Yellow Feather.

Music in moments. Stories in sunsets. Poetry in progress. This is how songs are made. Kristofferson weaves lyrics and melodies  perfectly, while Charlie Willis works the lap steel into a smooth, sometimes rhythmic, but always haunting eulogy to the past. WEBSITE.

'Lucille' is one of twelve songs on the recently released 'And Gold' debut album. The album is a melting pot of gorgeous Americana rooted music, where vocal duties are shared, melodic hooks are a constant feature and the band are just so good. Like featured song = Love the album!


White Birches - Howl.

Background - White Birches' music has been compared to Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and Sisters of Mercy mixing sweet piano and alarming guitars with dark wave synthesizers. Haunting pop melodies with dark lyrics.

The band formed in the summer of 2013 and their debut EP Stands of White Birches was recorded during the fall of 2013 and released april 2014 followed by a 10 day tour in an old station wagon. One year later, in April 2015, their debut album Dark Waters was released. Dark Waters was nominated in the catogory "Best Synth" at the swedish "indie grammy awards" Manifestegalan.

 In the fall of 2017 White Birches signed with the label Progress Productions and their second album is to be released during the dark winter of 2017/2018. The duo consists of Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and Fredrik Jonasson. WEBSITE.

We featured Jenny Gabrielsson Mare a couple of times back in 2016, and now as one half of White Birchs she returns to Beehive Candy with the song 'Howl'. Her vocals are immersed in Fredrik Jonasson's richly textured keyboard sounds as the song flows along growing in energy and passion. The video is also Jenny's handiwork, the song is very much a team effort.


Little Axe - London Blues.

Background - Twenty-three years ago, this quotation foretold a great career for Little Axe aka Skip McDonald. The musician had already had a taste of fame with the Sugarhill Gang Backing Band / Tommy Boy Co-operations and their Hip Hop Masterpieces, writing music history along the way. Then he rolled out Little Axe and gave the blues a new, groovy face! Releases on legendary labels like Okeh Records, Realworld, On-U Sound and majors like Sony, BMG, Warner, etc. followed.

On-U Sound label mastermind Adrian Sherwood has always given Skip a platform to present his entrancing blend of blues, gospel, cajun, dub and trip hop: pioneering and authentic at the same time. His sound takes the essence and sound samples from blues legends such as Howlin Wolf, Leadbelly and Son House and distils them to create musical visions that are both penetrating and highly hypnotic. Little Axe has released seven albums to date; London Blues is his eighth official album. Old mates, like Mark Stewart (Pop Group and Maffia), Doug Wimbish (bass player for Living Colour), Keith LeBlanc (drummer), Perry Melius (drummer for African Head Charge) have provided assistance – and JebLoy Nichols collaborated on writing.

London Blues sticks tenaciously to tradition – to the blues – but at the same time is infused with a plethora of musical lingos (see above ….). On London Blues, Skip McDonald’s creative team is even more sophisticated and innovative than on the predecessor albums. Amazing instrumentals (Be Thankful), a touch of gospel (Deep River), splashes of trip hop with blues harp (Next Week Thursday) and delta blues meets dub (When I Rise) – the album meticulously follows a trail between Chicago and London, blending all the stepping stones to form a smooth, irresistible pathway. 

The title track and featured song 'London Blues' is typical of the album as a whole, a vibrant collection of songs, where reggae and blues collide with other styles resulting in some wonderful material. There are even some dub versions along the way. Top musicianship and refined natural vocals, this is a very fine collection.