The Golgis - Sol Heilo

The Golgis - Mr Fisher.

Background - The Golgis, an Alternative Folk band from the Worthing/Brighton area of the south of England, release their debut single 'Mr Fisher' on 9th March 2018. This debut single from the band is a quintessentially English slice of quirky Jazz Folk replete with saxophone solo and melody horn parts. The song is an infectious and accessible introduction to the band's sound ahead of the release of their album, which is slated for release in early summer.

Mr Fisher was written by The Golgis' Tony Whiting about a work colleague. Whiting cites The Beatles as the reason he first picked up a guitar and began to write songs. "Lindisfarne, Caravan, Syd Barrett and the Barrettless Pink Floyd had a lot to do with it as well" he explains.

Ade Fettucini also writes songs for The Golgis, characterised by weird time signatures and unlikely key changes. "I always think he is the Lennon to my McCartney" says Whiting. "We help each other out with harmony vocals on each others songs. He can play a lot more instruments than me, such as flute, bagpipes, recorders, and teapot, all of which we experiment with. He can also juggle while riding a unicycle. I think musically we are quite different, which is probably why it works so well."

Saxophonist Richard Mullin hails from Yorkshire. Classically trained and a jazz lover, the band say Richard is the most naturally gifted saxophone player any of them have seen. Richard has been known to sing and is normally seen with two saxophones and a melodica around his neck when The Golgis play live.

The line up is completed by Wolf Stanley, the newest member of The Golgis. He came in to play some bass guitar and percussion, of which he has a large collection of unusual items. He has been known to perform vocals, and sounds very much like Lee Marvin singing Wandering Star. Idiosyncratic time signatures and key changes, quirky Jazz Folk and a band unafraid to celebrate the eccentric aspects of everyday life. 2018 is the year of The Golgis! FACEBOOK.

Alt Folk or Jazz Folk I will leave that to the genre purists, wherever 'Mr Fisher' lands it's a intrinsically English affair. Echoes of the past are brought right up to date in a lovable and slightly eccentric manner, this is just fabulous.


Sol Heilo - London Is Trouble.

Background - Following a successful career in Norwegian folk-tet Katzenjammer, today sees Sol Heilo announce her new single 'London Is Trouble - lifted from her debut LP ‘Skinhorse Playground’ – out now via Propeller Recordings. ‘London Is Trouble’ trails the downside of life on the road. It took shape at London’s iconic, but now defunct, 12 Bar Club, following a bout of retail therapy on Denmark Street. “I remember I was in the bar and had just bought myself a new guitar – a 1961 Gibson LG-0 – almost to fill my soul with something,” she says. “It’s about how grey and dull London can be when you have no joy in your heart, and the ever-fleeting glow of late nights and early mornings."

Showcasing her illustrative talents, the video was created, cut and directed by Sol Heilo herself, providing a wonderfully accurate representation of Sol's DIY-approach to her creative craft. On both 'London Is Trouble' and her acclaimed debut album 'Skinhorse Playground' Sol is writing and performing with no boundaries, no expectations - and she sounds more liberated than ever. Grandiose strings swirl around the folk-tinged pop instrumentation, sprinkled with delicate piano turns, with Sol’s hushed Norwegian tone tip-toeing between the breaks.

‘Skinhorse Playground’, produced by Hasse Rosbach, was penned during a time of personal unrest that, rather ironically, paralleled the peak of Katzenjammer’s career – a twelve-year pursuit culminating in three albums, multi-million streams, tours spanning Austin to Australia, and praise from the likes of The Guardian, The Quietus and BBC Radio 6Music, alongside personal plaudits from David Byrne and Steve Lamacq. The band earned bonafide export status, with an enamoured international fanbase driving sales in excess of 500,000 and hitting Certified Gold status in Germany with sophomore release ‘A Kiss Before You Go’.

“In the beginning, there are no consequences. You’re unaware of the boundaries, and you have nothing to lose” Sol muses. In many ways, Skinhorse Playground is a chance at just that – a new start, and a renaissance made all the richer for the experiences that shaped a brighter, braver Sol Heilo. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

'London Is Trouble' is gorgeous. A gentle acoustic and string lead backdrop is the perfect canvas for some personal, melodic and captivating vocals with this timeless, beautiful song.