Frøkedal - Batz - AyOwA

Frøkedal - Treehouse.

Background - Oslo, Norway based Frøkedal nears closer to forthcoming second full-length album ‘How We Made It’, today releasing the album’s summer-ready lead cut ‘Treehouse’. The track is breezy, though no less brutal – as the opening line may suggest – with a visually inspired lyric that details a mischievous plot to tear down a tree-topped kingdom. “Treehouse was inspired by a six year old kid who tore his older brother’s treehouse to pieces without knowing he was being watched,” singer/songwriter Anne Lise Frøkedal explains.

“Even if it seems meaningless and silly, the joyful mischief of it feels strangely familiar.” “This idea – or this way of behaving – kind of translates to everyone at some point. Sometimes it just feels better to tear stuff up. Or maybe, tearing stuff down for others feels better than building up your own,” she says. “You’re doing something and you know you’re gonna get in trouble for it but it’s better somehow – you just want to be part of the game.”

Far from the acoustic sensibilities of her earlier material, new album ‘How We Made It’ – released August 31 via Propeller Recordings – signals an arguably more “mature” sound, combining full band with folk-leaning string sections. Though the instrumental approach feels more expansive and fully fledged, the album is thematically inspired by Frøkedal's more "immature" personal traits, by her own admission – detailing “unfiltered, impulsive thoughts and actions fuelled by everything from fear, love and deep passion to red hot anger.”

“When I started writing this new material, I was picturing different ages or stages in our lives when our vision gets a little blurred,” she says. “I wanted the songs (and the characters) to channel these critical moments when decisions are dominated by emotion and not necessarily by logic.” TWITTER.

Following on from 'I Don't Care' which we shared earlier last month Frøkedal returns with 'Treehouse' another gorgeous, fresh and modern folk song. As always the vocals are melodic and are surrounded by some top quality musicianship carefully arranged to allow everything to shine through.


Batz - Save Us.

Background - Melbourne's Batz swoop in to save the day again with electric new single 'Save Us'. A heady mix of razor wire guitar, propulsive percussion and glimmers of psychedelia, Chrissie Aubry's captivating vocals shine on Batz' latest offering that will chew you up and spit you out in the nicest way possible. Glittering, infectious and unapologetic, 'Save Us' teeters on the precipice of wishful thinking meets transparent actuality.

BATZ aka Melbourne artist Chrissie Aubry tells the tale of earlier days spent living in London, where the nights were long and the romance was flowing. "I had flashbacks of nights out in London with my girlfriends and meeting various randoms, (some who became love interests) and thinking about scenarios where you felt like you could save the relationship. I always feel like I'm the one that can save friendships and relationships, fighting for the last hope to salvage something special", Aubry explains.

Expanding to a five-piece live, Batz take their notoriously raucous show on the road this month, hitting Frankie's Pizza in Sydney on May 31st and The Grace Darling in hometown Melbourne on June 2nd in support of the new single. Recorded at Los Bomberos Studios, the track was engineered and produced by Alex Markwell (The Delta Riggs) and mastered by David Briggs (Little River Band and Australian Crawl).  Batz' latest stomper that follows enigmatic single 'Gameshow Queen' (2017) and fiery debut EP, 'Night Terrors' (2016). With new single 'Save Us', BATZ have well and truly come out of hibernation, guns blazing and guitars at the ready to woo you like never before. TWITTER.

Opening with a feisty and driving beat 'Save Us' is a seductive indie rocker, with plenty of pop sensibilities, ensuring the hooks are everywhere, and the urge to listen again is soon established.


AyOwA - alt det du ku'.

Background - “Alt Det Du Ku” is a song about standing between break-ups and breakthroughs and in the abstract of looking forward to the future whilst being back in time simultaneously. On "Alt Det Du Ku" AyOwA still have their electronic approach in focus but with more acoustic elements, the band explores new sides of their music. With an infectious rhythm and sweet affected vocal it’s quite a mysterious track.

With modular synths, old tape machines and ethereal vocals, new Danish duo AyOwA channel their Nordic roots creating their dark, electronic, atmospheric songs. Sung in Danish, but with a certain universal and dreaming approach, AyOwA combines noise pop with electronica and melodies with improvisation, in an evocative and playful mix.

Together with the duo's third member - drummer Anders Meinhardt - AyOwA has an energetic and captivating live show. AyOwA had a busy festival season in 2017 with appearances at Spot and Roskilde Festival, the opening of the Marina Abramowich Exhibition at Louisiana and extensive concert activities at many of the country's venues. Then they headed straight into the studio to work their magic on new material. TWITTER.

Well this is our fifth feature for AyOwA, I really didn't realise it had been that many, however as soon as 'alt det du ku' started I was reminded of their distinct and intriguing electronic sound. It feels a little softened this time around, which I suppose in part, demonstrates their ability to gradually move into new territory, doing so well and without losing any of their musical character.