Dyan - Guerilla Toss - Lewisburg

Dyan - Absence.

Background - "Absence is about leaving, but not before inquiring about doubt." the band explain. "It could be about being in love with a person whose loyalty is to someone or something else, realizing it, and then you move on. Or holding on to what you want to hold on to, even if it's painful." 

Minimal, inventive, and introspective, Dyan’s music offers more than you’d typically expect from the now-common guitar/synths/drums trio - which makes sense, as the trio is about as uncommon as you’ll find. Dyan was started by Alexis Marsh (singer/guitarist/bassist) and Sam Jones (guitarist/synths), a film scoring duo who fell in love and got married...and then, perhaps unexpectedly, got divorced. The growing and healing from those divides fueled the songs on what became the group’s debut album, Looking For Knives, which the two continued to create despite the fraught emotional territory. But the real twist was the addition of the third member: Dan Dorff Jr. (drums/synths), whom Alexis had started seeing in the meantime. Born of an old creative partnership, an expired romance, a new love, and an unlikely new friendship, Dyan defies all odds by simply being, and further shatters expectations with poignancy, unity, and optimism.

Since their debut album, Dyan released the single “What Fiction Is For,” which stayed on Spotify’s Ultimate Indie playlist for 16 weeks. With the upcoming release of a new EP, titled Absence, and a cover of the Jose Gonzalez song “Cycling Trivialities”, Dyan shows no sign of slowing down, which means even if we can’t hope to navigate complicated relationships with their deft maturity, at least we’ll have their music to help guide our way. TWITTER.

In the few days that 'Absense' has been streaming it's already gained considerable attention, and that is hardly surprising. This is a refined and flowing indie song that has so much going for it. What on the surface seems to be a simple enough musical arrangement, manages to overflow with feeling and warmth. The vocals delicately entice you in further, as Dyan deliver one gorgeous track.


Guerilla Toss - Meteorological.

Background - Guerilla Toss has announced its third LP for DFA, Twisted Crystal, due Sept. 14. The video for the album's first single, "Meteorological" was made by Giraffe Studios.

Analog synthesizers give tangible life to the works of Guerilla Toss. Whether it be the sound of a rocket ship, a kitten-with-a-wah, distorted dolphins, or a clavichord made out of honey-baked ham, the band consistently finds new ways to bring together the many ideas that combine to shape each new batch of art-rock puzzle pieces. 

Twisted Crystal, Guerilla Toss’ new LP, feels more personal than ever for the band.  Angular yet irresistibly catchy, this collection of pop songs pulls influence from powerful groups like The Slits, ESG, Gina X, and early Madonna, with sing-speak vocals from Kassie Carlson nodding to legendary artists like Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux – combining this all into a twisted, crystalline concoction. 

Oracles and enigmatic egos are common lyrical themes, but charismatic instrumentality springs the listener back to extraterrestrial comfort. Old favorite sounds ring true from the trusty Sequential Circuits Six Track Synthesizer and Clavia Drum Machine. New, more refined sounds are molded and polished by drummer/producer Peter Negroponte, whose passion for perfection and creation goes far beyond an all-consuming Tetris effect.  Peter has truly excelled on this new recording, creating a complex networks of beats and sound that become easily intertwined with the rhythmic fabric of life. WEBSITE.

Rhythmic and shall I say, just a little off-centre, 'Meteorological' is quirky, in a wonderful way. The video only adds to the alternative and zany vibes, this is addictive, uplifting and pretty much impossible to sit still to!


Lewisburg - Wasted / Clear The Air.

Background - “Wasted feels so bittersweet to me. Bitter in that it draws from the sadness of nostalgia, but also is about finding the courage to walk your own path, no matter your doubts. Clear The Air is about how things are a bit screwed, it's basically saying we gotta get out of this mess of a society we've created for ourselves.”

Lewisburg are a band from North London born out of the solo project of singer-songwriter Ali Robertson. Described as dark-country they are influenced by acts such as Phosphorescent, Eels and The Deep Dark Woods. The band craft mellifluous, nostalgic songs with occasional widescreen sensibilities.

Through Lewisburgs’ previous release ‘Slow Morning / Terminal’ the band received airplay on LA radio station KCRW, BBC6 Music and Amazing Radio and also earned plaudits from several online tastemakers. 4-Piece
Lewisburg includes members Ali Robertson (guitar, lead vocal), Julien Baraness (lead guitar), Alessandro Taglione (bass) and Adrien Latge (drums)

The double A-Side was recorded early this year in the band’s own studio in Haringey, North London. They favour a quick, predominantly live way of recording. ‘For us this is the best way to do it. We work fast, we try to retain the human element in our recordings wherever possible.’ Lewisburg are currently putting the finishing touches to a pending EP which will be released in the autumn.

Lewisburg new double A-Side ‘Wasted / Clear The Air’ might be from a North London based band, however their sound easily crosses the Atlantic and would be comfortably conceived in the home of Americana. Described in part as dark country, the bands music is so full of hooks and quality, putting their music into any one or two categories, seems to short change them.