Princess Chelsea - Meres

Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time.

Background - New Zealand subversive pop artist Princess Chelsea (Chelsea Nikkel) shares the second single "Wasting Time" from her forthcoming fourth studio album The Loneliest Girl, due out on 7 September via Lil' Chief.  The album examines the loneliness and ultimately the artistic satisfaction a strong work ethic can bring, the result of which is this eclectic collection of pop songs. The Loneliest Girl captures moments of inspiration and madness, with lyrics that show Chelsea isn't afraid to ask the deeper questions while still maintaining a playful nature about it all.  "I can’t be bothered with subscribing to any kind of 'sound,'" Chelsea says.

That becomes evident upon listening to "Wasting Time," a pop culture puzzle, sonically speaking. The song has influences of early Madonna melded with 1960s Brian Wilson that Chelsea peppers with kitschy Yamaha DX7 synths, trombone, and a choir.  The music video for "Wasting Time", was shot edited and directed by Anastasia Doniants in just one day using only ten minutes of Super 8 film and a torch operated by YourFriendElectric. Some of the film was expired which caused unpredictable happy accidents like what appears to be strange lightning flashes in the sky and the iconic single art shot.

This single follows the popular "I Love My Boyfriend" a deceptively clever 60s garage rock song discussing an internal struggle with monogamy.

Princess Chelsea will be heading to Europe for a tour in September including a date at London's Shacklewell Arms on 9 September (see full tour dates below). FACEBOOK.

31.08.2018 PL – Gdansk - Soundrive Festival
07.09.2018 FR - Bordeaux - Iboat
09.09.2018 UK – London - Shacklewell Arms
12.09.2018 FR - Paris - Point Ephemere
18.09.2018 BE - Liege - Reflektor
19.09.2018 NL – Amsterdam - Paradiso / Indiestad
20.09.2018 DE - Hamburg - Reeperbahn Festival
21.09.2018 DK – Bucharest - Control Club
22.09.2018 DE – Berlin - Funkhaus / Indiesession
23.09.2018 DE – Dresden - Beatpol
25.09.2018 CZ – Prague - Jazzdock
26.09.2018 CZ – Pilzen - Andel
27.09.2018 SK – Presov - Christiania
28.09.2018 SK - Liptovsky Mikulas - Diera Do Sveta
29.09.2018 CZ – Ostrava - Cooltour
01.10.2018 CZ – Brno - Fleda
04.10.2018 CH – Geneva - Kalingrad
05.10.2018 GR – Athens - Fuzz Club

We shared 'I Love My Boyfriend' back in June and I think it fair to say that we made it pretty clear then, that Beehive Candy are rather fond of Princess Chelsea's music! With a steady methodical beat 'Wasting Time' is a mixture of carefree melodic vocals and a musical backdrop with intricate layers of sound. The video is a real bonus and works beautifully with the song.


Meres - Feardom.

Background - Something magical has been brewing down in Launceston, Tasmania. Today, Meres emerges with sonic and visual offering, 'Feardom'. Conceived in the perfect echo chambers of Canada’s cheap motel bathrooms, Meres came into its own in northern Tasmania. The glittering brand of dreamy, fuzzed out punk explores "the dissident and the mundane".

'Feardom' is a confessional exploration of themes of introversion, feelings of inadequacy and success and arrives with an accompanying a music video by Cameron Jones, providing a glimpse into Meres’ daily life trying to learn the ropes as Producer of a Youth Dance Company and struggles with the efforts involved to make yourself presentable in the public sphere.

In Meres’ words, "I was on tour with a couple of great bands while playing bass for Isla Ka. It was one of those defining moments of feeling a jealousy in the blistering heat of Brisbane, where a musician could take their shirt off quite happily in an effort to cool off from performing excellent bloody music. And I know if I were a confident and outspoken type of person like so many of the musicians I look up to, I'd also happily take my shirt off. But I am not that type of person. I'm modest and insular and introverted. I don't want people to look at me, to listen to me, and yet I do, but that wanting that, kind of makes me feel like I am a lesser person. Like I don't work hard enough to write the best music I can or perform with enough confidence. I think watching the bands that night made me realise...maybe it was time to turn everything upside down. And I had no idea what that looked like or meant. "

Meres is the solo project of Mary Shannon, (Bansheeland, Isla Ka). Her abstract, multi-layered approach takes notes from the likes of Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, U.S slacker rockers Bad History Month and Australian punk icon Adalita, with a dynamic live set that lends itself to solo performance featuring trash beat electronic drums and the full wrath of her four-piece band. 'Feardom' is a galvanizing first cut of what’s to come for the Tasmanian artist. TWITTER.

Described as fuzzy punk 'Feardom' is all of that and more. The passion and power go hand in hand and the vocals (albeit immersed deep within the mix) are more than capable of pumping in some potent addictive hooks.