Blushing - Karla Kane - Ead Wood - The Belafontes

Blushing - The Truth / Sunshine.

Comprised of two tightly knit husband and wife teams, Austin-based band Blushing originated in the summer of 2015 after vocalist and guitarist Michelle Soto shared her songs with long-time friend and classically trained vocalist Christina Carmona. Picking up the bass, Carmona helped to fully flesh out tracks and the two incorporated their husbands Jake Soto on drums and Noe Carmona on lead guitar. 

With an unwavering passion audible and visible in both their recordings and their live performances, Blushing's individual and underlying strengths elevate the band to proficient proportions while simultaneously maintaining a strong coherence and vision as a unit. Blushing draws on a multitude of diverse influences, arriving somewhere between the rough-edged and atmospheric tones of Lush and the sweet clarity of The Sundays. Their debut EP "Tether" was self-released in 2017, followed by their EP "Weak" on Austin Town Hall Records in January of 2018. Gaining infectious momentum, Blushing have since been asked to play Athens Pop Fest and have shared stages with the likes of La Luz, Broncho, The Veldt, Sunflower Bean and Snail Mail.

Blushing has announced the release of their upcoming single "The Truth", released on October 26th, both digitally and on 7" colored vinyl via The Nothing Song Records. Recorded, mixed and produced by Elliott Frazier of Ringo Deathstarr, both "The Truth" and "Sunshine" showcase a creative growth in the band's expansive, cascading sound laden with ethereal vocals and fervent guitar. Blushing's capacity to harness emotional and melodic space combined with searing, crunchy instrumentals lends to their steadfast confidence in creating an immersive and distinct soundscape. Their single comes ahead of their full length slated to be released in early 2019.

"The Truth" will also mark as the debut release from The Nothing Song Records, formed by Austin Chronicle Music Awards-winning booker and promoter Trish Connelly. Since its initiation in 2015, The Nothing Song has held a reputation for curating events showcasing both touring and local bands as well as encompassing collaborative art mediums. Continuing to offer a curatorial platform geared towards evoking an emotional and personal experience for each individual listener, the label envisions a roster that ties together an artist's capability for an all encompassing aesthetic with a focus on carefully crafted and tangible products. WEBSITE.

Gently powering up 'The Truth' bursts into life as an expansive dream pop piece with some shoegaze overtones as the band vary the energy levels. Melodic vocals and harmonies round the song off and add even more to this gorgeous roller-coaster of a song. 'Sunshine' is both atmospheric and quite blissful, there is a hint or two of the Cocteau Twins, see that as a positive comparison and enjoy.  


Karla Kane - Goodguy Sun.

The upcoming single from Karla Kane, “Goodguy Sun,” paints a wistful classic-pop picture that encapsulates the feelings of summer giving way to autumn. Written by DIY pop master Martin Newell (Cleaners From Venus), it’s a mix of California sunshine and English melancholy, as befitting its transatlantic origins. The song is being released in conjunction with the autumn issue of Big Stir Magazine (in which Kane interviews both Newell and Robyn Hitchcock) and its monthly Burbank concert series.

Kane and Newell (one of her musical heroes) have worked together in the past. He performed vocals on her debut solo release, King’s Daughters Home For Incurables, and the two have shared the stage several times in England. “He sent me his demo of the song and said he thought it might suit me. Well, when your songwriting idol says that, you take notice!” Kane explains. She quickly recorded the track in California with a backing band including both frequent and first-time collaborators (Khoi Huynh, KC Bowman, Bradley Skaught, Gina Sperinde). Newell’s acclaimed album The Greatest Living Englishman was recently released on vinyl to celebrate its 25th anniversary and a new album, Life in a Time Machine, is imminent.

“Goodguy Sun” is dreamy, enchanting and full of golden autumn light. With Kane’s vocals soaring between rolling fields of ukulele, piano and heavenly harmonies, it’s a perfect fall soundtrack no matter the weather.

Karla Kane is best known as the lead singer/songwriter/ukulele player for California band the Corner Laughers. They have released four acclaimed albums, plus two more with the side project Agony Aunts. Her well-regarded solo debut, King’s Daughters Home For Incurables, was released in 2017 on Mystery Lawn Music/Gare du Nord. Kane has performed alongside members of Fountains of Wayne, The Soft Boys, Martin Newell, Hungrytown, and Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels). Her music has been featured in retail stores including Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle and played on the BBC, CBC and radio stations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Kane has received multiple awards including Twirl Radio’s Twirly Award for album of the year 2009/10 and runners-up in 2012 and 2015 and for best songwriting in 2017, and best album of the year (2015) in Discussions Magazine and Goldmine Magazine. TWITTER.

'Goodguy Sun' is a wistful pop song with bags of character and something of a timeless pop classic vibe coursing throughout. Catchy, melodic and feel good, that's plenty enough to be going on with!


Ead Wood - Oceans.

Ead Wood (aka Ed Soles) & The Heights returns with surf-grunge heavyweight Oceans, the second single taken from his debut EP Beige Dreams. Exploring a different sound to that of previous jangle-pop track Ignored, Ead Wood demonstrates his dynamic power over guitar-pop.

The track was conceived during an attempt to make a pumpkin pie in his home in Bristol whilst Ed’s thoughts were “all over the place – A lot of change was going on in my life and my head was such a jumble that I kept forgetting ingredients.” The result was an “inedible, salty pumpkin pie” but a song that perfectly captures a tumultuous time of life.

His collaboration with South London band Margot as The Heights produces truly DIY music. The whole EP has been recorded in drummer Ben Andrewes’ own space, fitting around everyone’s day jobs – whilst Ed has created all of the artwork himself.

The track is influenced by Ed’s admiration of Dinosaur Jr, combined with his love for ‘quirks’ such as Mac Demarco. He references a lyric of one of his biggest influences Pavement’s Cream of Gold in his EP title Beige Dreams. ‘Oceans’ is the second single from Ead Wood’s upcoming EP Beige Dreams – available 9th November. BANDCAMP.

If surf grunge requires a benchmark then 'Oceans' is a fine place to begin. Just to confuse matters there is also a hint of all psychedelic rock, which just makes this fabulous song, all the more richer.


The Belafontes - Gemini.

Gemini is a back and forth song between two lovers. Born out of Jess and Paul’s late night antics  when they first met, the pair sing about staying up all night and being in awe of each  other.  The  chorus chant of "Delinquents" imagines them on the run from the law a-la Christian Slater and  Patricia Arquette in True Romance.

The sentiments of two fugitives in love, not caring anymore embodies the start of a great  relationship  –  nothing else matters anymore when you’re in love. The lo-fi production values echo  The Belafontes live show, it’s loud, it’s distorted and it’s catchy as hell. The stereo rhythm guitars  back and forth in the verse mirrors the couple singing to each other, while fuzzed out lead  lines  and  four to the floor drums in the chorus are meant to get you to your feet or get you to the beach.  

Paul and Jess are a couple that make music under the moniker The Belafontes. To capture their  authenticity they have strived to have as little outside input as possible on their latest  recordings.  Driven by a desire to showcase their unique lo-fi sound Paul has spent the last 12 months teaching  himself to record, mix and produce The Belafonte's music himself. Every rehearsal, recording,  song  and artwork is created in Paul and Jess' Elsternwick apartment. In doing so, they have managed to  preserve a sound and aesthetic that is truly their own.   

It’s been a big year for the pair. Jess expanded on her role as lead singer and taught herself to stand  up and play drums while performing. Their recent releases have gained international  audiences  since ending up on the coveted Spotify Fresh Finds playlist. Triple J and Triple J Unearthed have  supported both their 2018 releases and they have also been able to share their work with their  hardworking pals on community radio stations as well. FACEBOOK.

Feisty and gorgeous dual vocals and a rock and roll arrangement that packs a punch ensures that 'Gemini' registers immediately.  With a few timeless pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure, this is very catchy, and some...