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Blue Child Collective - Roxy Rawson - Polartropica

Blue Child Collective - Eye Of The Needle feat. Sol. 4 years on and 4 records down, South West fluid groovers Blue Child Collective are set to take their newest offering, Wake Up To The Sound, around the country as a 5-piece on an 11 date national tour this summer. Out yesterday (November 23), the album's current single Eye Of The Needle (featuring Sol from Band of Frequencies) is the finest example to date of the Collective's feel-good roots with a touch of reggae. The product of positive collaboration between frontman Dan White, Kiwi darling Emjay Angeni, sax man Lindsay Baker and many musicians from the wider Collective, Wake Up To The Sound is an album spanning countries, cultures and communities. Featuring Bobby Alu on drums/percussion, Ken Allars (Caravana Sun) on trumpet/keys, OJ Newcomb (Band Of Frequencies/THUMP) on bass and Angela Iimura on BV’s, plus special features from Sol Carroll (Band Of Frequencies/Afro Dizzi Act) on vocals and Taro Terahara on bansuri, the

Moderate Rebels - Thyla - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Stephen Kellogg

Moderate Rebels - The Value Of Shares. London-based “anti-music” collective Moderate Rebels’ second album ‘Shared Values’ is like a lot of their music so far – it happened almost by accident. “We went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves. It’s a case of mucking around and seeing what feels right and what doesn’t. We say it all the time, but it’s important to note – we don’t intend anything. We don’t feel like ‘artists’ with grand statements to make. “We view ourselves as just passing on ideas or questions, which we also enjoy expressing in condensed and concise terms. We think we’re all living in an era when lots of people feel they have lots of questions (perhaps that’s every era?) and we seem to touch upon that. Doubt, uncertainty, vague language, conflicting information and opinions – these are all inspirations. To us, being ‘anti-music’ is abou

Van Bellman - Mirny Mine

Van Bellman - Gold & Blue. The new single from gritty indie pop artist is entitled ‘Gold & Blue’, the single is a story of hope, faith and companionship in a world of turmoil and distractions. Showcasing infectious melodies, soaring gang vocals and driving drums that all build into an anthemic chorus, 'Gold & Blue' fills you with optimism, a fitting yin to the dark first single’s yang. Van Bellman is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Zac Taylor. You may have seen him playing guitar on TV with multi-platinum band American Authors, or perhaps carrying your luggage at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue a few years back. And maybe you didn’t hear, but he doesn’t shine shoes anymore. Instead, Taylor has been cultivating this new project and is now ready to present it to the world. An eclectic mix of bluesy rock and indie pop, Van Bellman’s music was written with purpose. The second single “Gold & Blue” is a story of hope, faith and companionship in a wo

Rosie Carney - Louise Lemón - The Thin Cherries

Rosie Carney - Zoey. Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney’s brand new single, “Zoey” is now available. The song follows the recent release of “Orchid” and “Thousand" (feat. Lisa Hannigan) which have collectively been streamed over 3 million times on Spotify since September. The tracks will appear on Carney’s highly anticipated, deeply personal debut album, Bare, which comes out January 25 via Akira Records. With her full-length debut still to come, Carney’s music has already been streamed over 18 million times, and she currently has over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Of “Zoey” specifically, Carney says, “Every time we pulled the project up I would just call it the ‘Zoey Deschanel’ song. It was a joke at first, only because the song painted scenes of a rainy-day romance in my head. I kept seeing the final scenes of 500 Days of Summer in a loop, and I just remember feeling so melancholy, which is a feeling I quite enjoy. I wanted to make it feel like a warm blanket fo

Crooked Ghost - Living Hour - Love Canon - Pastis

Crooked Ghost - Sleepwalker. Dreamy post-punk rockers Crooked Ghost have announced that their new album 'Skeleton House' will be released on CD on November 23, followed by a limited edition 12" vinyl release in February 2019. Ahead of this, the Asheville, NC outfit presents their 'Sleepwalker' single, accompanied by a video, directed by Rome Widenhouse. "Skeleton House' is the band's sophomore long-play - a dark and hazy dreamscape of lush and angular melody, with a stark lyrical rawness touching upon such subjects as addiction, trauma, loss, superstition, and everything that gets left behind after a catastrophic event. The album consists of eight tracks, ranging from dreamy and playful to anguished and harrowing. Billowing vocal patterns weave intricate stories between shimmering guitar crescendos, cascading synths and mathematical percussion. This album follows up their debut LP 'Strange Burial Rituals', released in March 2017. This new