Box of Moxie - Lola Bates - Eyesore & the Jinx - Ian George

We start with the title track from Box of Moxie's sixth studio album, the song typifies the quality and beauty of this collection of music. Lola Bates impresses us with a song that packs vibrant energy along with some very catchy hooks. Eyesore & the Jinx mixture of punk, psych and raw rock & roll is infectious to say the least, and finally we have something calm, melodic and full of natural folk vibes from Ian George just ahead of his debut album release.

Box of Moxie - Submission Admission.

A combination of alt-rock, Americana, folksy rock, and avant-garde, Box of Moxie is a manifestation of material that Stephen Jacques gathered throughout his multifaceted professional life as engineer, custom builder, TV host, and actor.

Strumming his acoustic guitar along the way, Jacques' real life experiences reveal their truths in a delicate, dreamy, oftentimes humorous fashion.

Submission Admission, the band's sixth studio effort, is a compilation of love songs revealed through an alt-rock prism, evoking a pureness and sweetness not dissimilar from the honeysuckle scents that enveloped Jacques' childhood walks along paths that straddled Virginia's James River.


Lola Bates - Red Hot.

17-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lola Bates debut album Red Hot is set for release March 29 on Human Made Records. The single ”Red Hot” was released last Friday on all digital platforms and the video release is set for wide release on February 12.  Classically trained pianist since age 5, Bates may still be in high school but on her 8-song debut LP, she brings a wealth of professional experience and passion to her album.

Working entirely on her own, Bates wrote the music, lyrics and recorded demos for her debut album which evolved into the album Red Hot via a collaboration with her father, composer/producer Tyler Bates and Grammy-winning engineer/producer/mixer Robert Carranza. It was a familiar experience in this setting as the young Bates was tasked at age 12 to record piano work on the Marvel franchise film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 and again in 2017 recorded her piano work for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London with the London Symphony Orchestra. It was during these sessions that she expanded her knowledge and artistic expression to the point where she began applying her own musical ideas for her own music. This led to her vision to pursue life as an artist, musician and songwriter. The result is Red Hot.


Eyesore & the Jinx - On an Island.

Commenting on social media isolationism and how this feeds into the Brexit-mentality, with their twitchy, socially minded psychobilly, feels natural for Liverpool trio Eyesore & The Jinx. There’s no plan to be a ‘political band’, it’s purely the result of writing about what they see and feel in their lived experience.

They are surrounded by likeminded musicians in a burgeoning Merseyside scene, fostered by label/collective Eggy Records – pile down to a show here, pick up a bass guitar to fill in there, there’s a messy, organic feel to this community. This however belies the precision and clarity with which one of the scene’s chief proponents deliver invigorating and sardonic post-punk, drawing on Ought, Parquet Courts and murky pioneers The Fall.

From these local foundations their sphere of influence is quickly expanding. New single On An Island was produced by Jonathan Hartley from iconic Liverpool psych-surgeons Clinic, they share a manager with International Teachers of Pop (from the co-founders of The Moonlandingz) and have recently spent time in the studio with Fat White Family’s Nathan Saoudi in Sheffield, as well as recording tracks with Daniel Fox from Girl Band.


Ian George - The Wild & the Untamed.

Ian George has released the second single from his debut album Kingdom of My Youth to be released February 15. Titled "The Wild & The Untamed," it's an indie folk ode to love in unconditional form. Atop swirling melodies and evocative textures, Ian sings the pure and precious line, "all I can offer is who I am."

Kingdom of My Youth is Ian George's debut solo album and his first divergence from strictly acoustic music. It's an emotional, eight-song exhaltation of finding sweet childlike freedom in adult life. It was recorded at Labo M, the 17th Century manor originally built for King Louis XVI's nephew in Paris, by invitation and with assistance of French rock legend Matthieu Chadid better known as M. Ian recently relocated from Portland to Minneapolis and will play Icehouse on February 21. More tour dates to be announced.