Peach Pyramid - 5K HD - The Black Watch

Peach Pyramid first single from their 'Bright Blue E.P due in September is 'Wear Sunscreen'. The bands indie pop is fresh, melodic and beautifully arranged.

Austrian experimental pop band 5K HD have shared 'Crazy Talk' the latest single from the album 'High Performer' which is out on September 6th. It's a fine pop song and yes the band do have an element of experimental nature within the piece.

The Black Watch return here after their first feature in June with a taste of 'The Crying All The Time' E.P due for release as a 7" in October, their slick and addictive rock as always engaging, to say the least.

Peach Pyramid - Wear Sunscreen.

Peach Pyramid are announcing their EP Bright Blue (due out September 20th on Oscar St. Records) with its first single "Wear Sunscreen." Co-produced by and featuring keyboards from Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers, the track is a gorgeous example of Peach Pyramid's timeless dream pop, matching frontwoman Jen Severston's assured and melodically imaginative songwriting with rich harmonies and layered synth parts, creating a sonic palette that blends a hazy summer psychedelia with a sound that recalls Glaswegian indie greats Camera Obscura and the earlier releases from Severston's fellow Canadian Feist.

Peach Pyramid is the sonic exhale of Jen Severtson, Adrian Heim and Rowan Mackenzie. Weaving shimmering guitars into Severtson’s blooming vocals, the group deliver lush palettes, punctuated by a warm and familiar rhythm section of bass and drums. Based in the rising art capital of Victoria British Columbia, the group integrate the city's foundation of indie rock into Jens narrative and earnest lyricism - drawn from her roots in prairie based Calgary Alberta.

In 2017 Peach Pyramid released their debut LP “Repeating Myself”, on Oscar St Records. The album explores themes of abuse and healing, through sun soaked guitars and smooth vocal climbs. An internalized cry pulled to the surface; transformed and juxtaposed by way of graceful melodies and swirling guitars.

Peach Pyramid’s sophomore release “Bright Blue” showcases effervescent pop gems that are anchored by narratives of love and self doubt. Blushing vocal harmonies are backed by a rich foundation of guitars and colourful rhythms leading through the seasons of sparkling spring into a late summer haze. Re-joined by producers Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Black Mountain, Destroyer) and Kathryn Calder (The New Pornographers, Frontperson, Immaculate Machine) the EP is a magnificent showcase for one of Canada's most promising new songwriting voices.


5K HD - Crazy Talk.

Austrian experimental-pop group 5K HD return with new single Crazy Talk, out August 21st. Crazy Talk is the latest single to be taken from new LP High Performer which is out on September 6th.

"As is the case with our new album, 'Crazy Talk' is a criticism of the fast-paced, capitalist world we live in. That’s where the 'High Performer' comes into play again. As if the performer is subject to a force of nature, captured in a daily grind, he continuously pushes himself to unachievable goals and is never satisfied by the results."

Fresh and colourful Austrian avant-garde pop group 5K HD produce expansive, electronic sounding music using traditional instruments. Without ever losing sight of a pop sensibility, 5K HD's music moves fluently through jazz, dubstep, breakbeats, funk and even into a prog rock escalation. Their singer Mira Lu Kovacs is regarded by critics and peers as one of the most expressive voices in the scene.

As five incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists, 5K HD's performances have earned them a reputation as one of Europe's most exciting live acts on both pop festival stages & experimental and jazz line-ups alike.

The band are on tour throughout October, including the following UK dates:
Oct 6th, Brighton - Hope and Ruin
Oct 7th, London - Thousand Island


The Black Watch - Hypnotic Bridge (7" EP).

Having just released their new album 'Magic Johnson' ever-prolific jangle-pop band, the black watch return with another release to tide fans over until the release of another album called Brilliant Failures out soon, the Santa Barbara outfit have a new vinyl 7′” EP to tide over their fans.

Released by the Hypnotic Bridge label, the three-song offering is called The Crying All The Time EP. Comprised of the title track plus “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” and “Much Of A Muchness,” this stopgap release finds the prolific band at the top of their game.

Of the EP, the band’s songwriter John Andrew Fredrick says: “In anticipation of the forthcoming Brilliant Failures LP on A Turntable Friend, we decided to bring out a bit of vinyl on LA psych label, Hypnotic Bridge, who are mad for all things 60’s, musically-speaking.  Stu Pope, who runs Hypnotic, asked us to add some purple granny-glasses and The Monkees-haircuts kinda sounds to some songs we’d done, plus record a b-side, so we rolled out an old mellotron and imaginary sitar and away we went.”

Produced & engineered by Andy Creighton, the new 7″ EP is out October 11.