Chelsea Rose - Sofia Härdig - Certain Animals

Chelsea Rose has released 'Minha Velha Amiga' accompanied by a video. I was trying to come up with an expression that captures the song and the best I can do is bossa nova dream pop, whatever this is gorgeous. === Our third song feature from Sofia Härdig's new album 'This Big Hush' is the new single 'Sucking The Flowers'. Another feisty rocker and one of nine songs on the album Sofia has served up some really fine rock and roll across the album. === Rotterdam's Certain Animals were first featured on Beehive Candy last month and now we have another new song entitled 'Automaton' where this talented trio deliver another refined alt rocker that builds into a highly notable piece.

Chelsea Rose - Minha Velha Amiga.

Chelsea Rose is a songstress and sorceress of the arts. Channeling through guitar, songwriting and visual arts, she shines an honest light on human truths. Themes of hope, heartache, love and its counterparts are prevalent in her work.

Born and raised in Riverside, CA Chelsea currently lives in Los Angeles. Through songwriting and self producing she conjures a timeless yet modern sound which echoes sentiments of bossa nova, jazz and R&B classics. As a photographer and art director, Chelsea's artistic eye enables her to carefully craft a visual dream world in which one may easily be swept away. The vision is strong; a vibrant perspective often arises from destruction.

The creation of Chelsea Rose began with a flood. A pipe burst in her home studio, causing water to fill the room, covering drums, amps, guitars and other prized equipment. The scene took place the night before her final show as Summer Twins - a band she spearheaded for 10 years, backed by her sister, Justine.

Asking the Universe for a clean slate, she was given just that. With the ending of a chapter she was gifted the opportunity to explore a new identity, to explore what it means to exist and grow as an artist in the modern world. This enlightenment gave rise to a new band in which Chelsea Rose takes center stage on lead guitar and vocals, backed by Andy Moran on guitar, Seamus Blackwell on bass, Charlie Weinmann on drums and Alice Sandahl on keyboard.

This band thrives on a high frequency. Their powerful performance recalls a dream of the past while igniting a hope for the future. Chelsea Rose beckons you to join in and see the world "la vie en rose."


Sofia Härdig - Sucking The Flowers.

Having released her new album “This Big Hush” earlier this month, Sofia Härdig now captivates with her high-energy track “Sucking The Flowers” that runs with infectious riffs, built on layers of scrappy percussion reminiscent of The Birthday Party or Pixies, and embellished with Sofia’s vocals as she sings “We call us in, to inner crimes, it’s tender, it’s sore, an attempt, to murder, it’s tender, it’s sore”.

With squalling guitars and vivid colours the Swedish-born multi-insturmentalist Sofia Härdig creates a cinematic vignette delivered through the poet’s eccentric palette of post-punk, playing and producing the entirety of the album. Sofia brings chugging energy, intense lyricism and a chaotic presence; she’s heading for a higher status amongst rock’s elite, and comments on the moment she met Patti Smith; “We met backstage at her gig in Stockholm and she gave me tickets to her show. We spoke about art, music and what it means to be an artist. She was generally very supportive and attentive; it was a beautiful moment sharing poetry and words.”

Talking about her fourth full-length, Sofia said “I recorded this album with the band in less than three days live in Tambourine Studios in Malmö. The vocals were all done in one day, a lot of them are even kept from the original live take. Part of the process is that my electronic demo making has become so thorough and time-consuming that they have been good enough to be released. Since they are out in the world and out of my system, I can break free and do something different with the band, and not the same thing all over again. We never play the same tempo, same length, they follow me where I lead them… this is THIS BIG HUSH”.


Certain Animals - Automaton.

New Certain Animals single Automaton is the opening track of the upcoming album 'Songs To Make You Move' and immediately lets you hear what the band stands for in terms of style and content. The song tells about the uneasy relationship the three band members have with the far-reaching automation and digitization of contemporary life. In their view, nowadays people allow themselves to be led like little lambs to where tech giants and social media lead them.

The trio brings a message to the listener and at the same time a warning that is not merely bad or good, but that gives the listener food for thought. This message is wrapped in a song with an opening riff that seems to have been borrowed from the amplifier-melting arsenal of Neil Young and which then continues the pace with a relentless groove reminiscent of a marching column of robots. When the warning sounds, one arrives through typical "Ringo-fills" and "I Am The Walrus" orchestration to the final round ironically carried out with one of the favorite toys of Electric Light Orchestra: the vocoder (a device that actually is a speech computer).

Rotterdam based trio Certain Animals serves you melodic rock filled with vocal harmonies. The members aren't afraid to show which records they've been listening to. Musical giants from the 60's and 70's are spinning on their turntable on a daily basis. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Electric Light Orchestra are regular companions in their musical life, but also the fuzzy and phasey sounds of contemporary bands like Tame Impala influence the music of Certain Animals.

Without being stuck in the past and with a critical view on the present, the band brings you their intriguing sound which makes for an energetic live show filled with intimate moments and explosive bursts of energy. In less then three years, the band managed to build a strong live reputation by playing shows on major Dutch festivals in famous venues all over the country. After having played across the border in Belgium, more international gigs in Germany have been confirmed for spring 2020.

While busy touring, band members Thijs van Leeuwen (vocals, guitars), Niels-Jan van Dijk (bass, vocals) and Kees Braam (drums, vocals) managed to build their own recording studio at a former red light district in the port of Rotterdam. At their home base the trio writes, produces and mixes their music single-handedly, working towards the release of their debut album scheduled for spring 2020.