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Lydia Persaud - Elva - Alana Wilkinson - Peter Cat Recording Co. - Junodream - Merival

'More of Me' from Lydia Persaud is soulful, lively and a bit of a rocker along the way. Our second song feature for Elva ahead of their 'Winter Sun' album release is 'Ghost Writer' another piece that ups the anticipation even more. Alana Wilkinson's 'Partner In Crime' put simply is a gorgeous modern folk song. Peter Cat Recording Co, might have a fabulous band name, however 'Floated By' is a stunning song that exudes quality and beauty as does the accompanying video. Just over a month since we first featured Junodream they return with 'Odd Behaviour' a natural alt rocker that is laden with hooks throughout. Merival shares 'I With Mine' an intimate folk song where emotion and fabulous vocals are centre stage. Lydia Persaud - More of Me. A fixture of Toronto’s music community and a sought-after collaborator, Lydia Persaud stands alone with her debut album Let Me Show You, due out on May 10 via Next Door Records. On 'Mo

Someone - Allman Brown - Field Guide - Winter - Adámas - Rainbrother - KEØMA - Saltwater Sun

Someone has shared 'I Can't Remember How To Talk To You' a smooth and hook fuelled pysch pop track. Allman Brown's 'Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles' is a gentle folk song that gradually morphs into something much more powerful. 'Full Time' from Field Guide is one of those personal songs that quickly becomes quite infectious and heading for a second listen. If you need a fix of feel good music and a bit of a lift Winter has it covered with the charming 'Bonsai'. Adámas blend genres like it's second nature to them, the result is splendid as 'Change It' ably demonstrates. From Denmark we have Rainbrother and their new album 'Island' from which we feature 'Honeybird' a song that suggests the album is well worth checking out. KEØMA sparkle with 'Lovers' a vibrant and danceable tune that is more than just a little catchy. Saltwater Sun have shared 'The Great Deceiver' the title track from today's E.P release

Kingdom of Birds - Jamestown Revival - Annie Booth - Delsbo Beach Club

Kingdom of Birds might young of age even by comparison to other new bands, but that's not the thing, it's their excellent music that matters as 'Goodbye' demonstrates so well. Jamestown Revival have shared 'This Too Shall Pass' ahead of their latest album, and the duel vocals are superb on this catchy tune. Annie Booth's vocals are beautifully distinctive on 'Magic 8' a song that exudes feeling as it slowly builds in power and presence. There is a feisty and pacy feel to 'Cryin' (Such a disgrace)' by Delsbo Beach Club a song that at just over a couple minutes in length nonetheless really impacts! Kingdom of Birds - Goodbye. Kingdom of Birds have been grabbing the attention of unsuspecting audiences, international music blogs, and well-known musicians alike. At an age when most kids are only becoming aware of popular music, Kingdom of Birds (ages 11-16) are releasing their fourth collection of original songs Glitz (recorded by Aaron

Anna Rose - Flora Hibberd - Run Coyote

Anna Rose shares a live in the studio (and what a studio!) version of 'Nobody Knows I'm Here', which compares so well with the fully produced song. 'The Absentee' by Flora Hibberd is stunning, her beautifully distinctive vocals are full of emotion and the song is wonderfully dramatic. Run Coyote add a fresh dimension to the description "spaghetti western" however 'The Chase' more than fits the bill, and some!  Anna Rose - Nobody Knows I'm Here. Critically acclaimed artist Anna Rose reveals the first video from her upcoming docu-series highlighting the music, writing process and overall behind the scenes feel from her forthcoming project. The highly anticipated album, which was written and recorded in Nashville, is due out later this year. As a touring artist, Rose has always been a bit of a nomad, believing that home is where the heart is. For this record, home was in Nashville. “Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found m

Ghost Caravan - Pearl City - Rare DM

Ghost Caravan make their third appearance on Beehive Candy with their distinctive and oh so pleasing musical style and a video that expands on the songs theme. Although we always focus on the music, the video for 'Down By The Tree' from Pearl City is also notable, that said this is one fine song. Rare DM shares 'Jade' a lush and gorgeous synth drenched song, with some beautiful vocals. Ghost Caravan - I Wish I Knew (The Words To Make You Happy). For the “I Wish I Knew (The Words To Make You Happy)” music video, we took the song’s theme of feeling silenced and isolated within a relationship, and translated that to a broader metaphor for women feeling silenced and sidelined in society. You see each musician gagged with red fabric and struggling against this silencing until each finally finds the strength to break free with the support of the other women. It’s a simple message, but a powerful one: “We are here, we will not be silenced and we will stand together.&quo

Moddi - The Maes - Eleri Angharad - Elisa Kate

Last summer Beehive Candy were mightily impressed by Moddi's 'Unsongs' album, and it is with absolute pleasure that we share his new single 'Kriegspiel'. The Maes style of contemporary folk reminds me in part of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and if that's not a compliment, what is?  Eleri Angharad vocals are a delight as are her songs, the two included below being our case in point. From Australia we have Elisa Kate, another singer-songwriter with that something extra, that sets her music apart. Moddi - Kriegspiel. Pål Moddi Knutsen reflects on the influence that previous album ‘Unsongs’ had on the new single; “through the work on Unsongs, I learned that when someone wants you to shut up about something, it is usually something important that they’re trying to hide. Therefore, I wrote this song not only to Frode Berg, but to all who become victims of the politics shadow play”  ‘Kriegspiel’ was originally written in connection with the performance artist Mort