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Hunting - Ruthie - Martian Subculture - Tokyo Tea Room

Hunting have just shared 'Whatever You Need'. It's a mixture of alt and electro rock with a smooth flowing vibe and plenty of upbeat energy. From Ruthie we have 'The Tide' ahead of her debut EP ‘Universal Heartbreak Now’ which follows in November. It's beautiful and melodic pop that is gorgeously arranged. Understated and dreamy psych rock comes our way in the form of 'I Love My Friends' by Martian Subculture . It's also quite hypnotic. We have a music video from Tokyo Tea Room for 'Things Are Changing'. The psych pop bands song is gentle and dreamy with the vocals down in the mix, sounding distant which just adds to the track.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hunting - Whatever You Need. "Whatever You Need" is about meeting someone you like so much you’d do anything to make them happier, give up anything to make their life better. "For me, I met that pe

Hannah James - Magnapop - Sonny Winnebago - Dominic Sen - Maddee - Skeleton Flower - The Endangered Species

Hannah James has shared 'Canal Song' which is the first of ten tracks on her forthcoming 'The Woman and Her Words' album. Beyond Hanna's distinguishable and melodic vocals the album has an array of rich musical arrangements as a variety of creative avenues are explored. The often intriguing lyrics add even more to a highly credible and pleasing album. A couple of months back we featured the debut song 'Need To Change' from Magnapop ahead of their upcoming album 'The Circle is Round'. Today we get another taste of the album with 'Dog On The Door', where the bands deliver a vibrant and catchy alt rocker. Sonny Winnebago has released 'Take Me For A Ride' a bright and uptempo pop song with Sonny's vocals rightly centre stage, supported by an equally melodic and pleasing musical backdrop. Ahead of debut album 'Visitor' due next month Dominic Sen has released her final single 'Natural History'. We have already fe

Rev Rev Rev - Arlo Parks - Eyesore and The Jinx - Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Freezing Cold - Sara Ontaneda

Rev Rev Rev are back for a second appearance here with a new video and song '3 Not 3', a sub three minute blast of primal rock, with the vocals buried deep into the mix, this is pretty hypnotic music. Arlo Parks shares a video for 'Second Guessing' a smooth and refined song where her beautiful vocals are surrounded by a gently rhythmic soundtrack. Liverpool trio Eyesore and The Jinx new song is 'Leisure Time'. The vocals menace and dare you to not pay attention as the band deliver some potent rock hooks. We are always on the look out for original and different music and Toronto Tabla Ensemble track 'Dream Symposium' is just incredible as is the video. We have the full debut album from Freezing Cold which is entitled 'Glimmer'. The bands music is somewhere between alt and indie rock, and they carve out a consistent band sound, the vocals are really good for their musical style and the musicianship is tight and shifts from full on rock to

Kristina Stykos - Brudini - Ted Z and The Wranglers - Ben Watt

Kristina Stykos has released a new album entitled 'River Of Light'. The country/folk singer has delivered a superb collection of material where the lyrics take you on a variety of journeys. The music can be gritty, stripped back or warm and exuding Americana rock styles, what remains at the centre is Kristina's unique vocals that convey emotion, determination and more, and the comparison to Patti Smith is a fair one albeit more regarding the delivery than the sound. With thirteen songs this really is a musical feast to enjoy. We have to go back over two years for our only other feature for Brudini that said, the new song 'Pale Gold' adds credence to the old cliche "it was well worth the wait". The musical arrangement is simply wonderful and Brudini has distinct and captivating vocals, put simply I can't wait for the November album release.   Ted Z and The Wranglers return just weeks after our first taste of the bands music with new song 'Corner

Helga - The Handsome Bandit - Artificial Pleasure - Mr Ben & The Bens

Helga has released a collection of five songs on her new E.P 'The Autumn Lament'. Each track is distinct, the moods change as does the level of power or melodic construction and overall this is one very compelling E.P.     The Handsome Bandit have shared a video for 'Believe You Me' a song described as progressive piano pop/rock, I could not put it better I'd just add that it is exceedingly catchy. It's been some time since we last featured Artificial Pleasure they return with 'Side By Side Together' a hook laden and vocally led alt rocker that is the first taste of their new album due next year.  Mr Ben & The Bens have released a video for their recent single 'Transmissions' a sprightly indie pop song and ahead of the forthcoming album 'Who Knows Jenny Jones?' due in October. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Helga - The Autumn Lament (E.P). Hailing from the dark

Lucie Tiger - Hollywood - Jordan Mackampa - Shhe - Winola Oak - Between Suns feat. Crudded Badz

Lucie Tiger shares the A and B side for her new single namely 'Apple Tree' and 'Baby Don't You Go'. The singer songwriter delivers a fresh sounding mixture of folk and country rock, her vocals are upbeat and melodic and the musical arrangement just right for these two tunes. Opening with their new single 'Parachute' Norwegian three piece band Hollywood have just released their new album 'Close To You'. Quoting their promo for the album "Close To You” is a record full of guilty pleasures, grandiose choruses and cinematic lyrics wrapped in a sound of 80s and 90s alternative pop". It's a very honest description making my life easy, it's also an album worth hearing in full. Back in 2017 we featured Jordan Mackampa a couple of times and it is a real pleasure to share a new song from him entitled 'What Am I'. Beautifully arranged and allowing Jordan's incredible vocals to shine, this is a timeless soulful song, I reall