Little Misty - Kerry Hart - Henriette - Totemo - The Tristones - Pike & Sutton - Clem Snide

Little Misty have released their self titled album 'Little Misty' which is a collection of nine refined progressive folk songs that are all fabulously arranged. === Kerry Hart has already gained considerable attention, hardly surprising considering the quality of her music, as is again confirmed with the new song 'Great Water'. === German country pop vocalist Henriette shares 'Crash Like This' a song with plenty of power and just a little hint of country rock. === From Israel we have Totemo with 'See You At The Beginning' a beautiful electronic dream pop and highly engaging song. === With a smooth funky groove The Tristones share 'Camaro' a track with all the slick quality Steely Dan used to serve up. === Just four weeks since we first featured the duo, Pike & Sutton return with the new single 'Together' another superb teaser for their full-length debut album 'Heart Is A Compass'. === Clem Snide makes his return just three weeks since we shared 'Roger Ebert', this time we have 'Don't Bring No Ladder' which is another beautiful Americana ballad.

Little Misty - Little Misty (Album).

Little Misty is a progressive folk band from Montreal. The project started from a collaboration between singer Kathryn Samman and guitarist Francois Jalbert.

Surrounding themselves with a quintet of some of the finest musicians and friends in town, Little Misty explores the limits of folk music, bluegrass and progressive rock.

Their songs explore different topics such as motherhood, travelling and mental illness, always in a short movie approach; every song is meant to bring the listener into a world of its own. Their first record was produced by Joe Grass.


Kerry Hart - Great Water.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kerry Hart releases her debut album I Know A Gun. The album, which has already seen notable critical acclaim, has been met with enthusiastic fan response, with over 2M streams on Youtube, and well past half a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music. Today Hart is also spotlighting her new track "Great Water" for fans. She describes the song as "a modern hymnal, a worship song to the water, to the sky, and to the Great Spirit. It's an offering of one's burden on to the alter of Spirit, a pledge of faith to a higher power, a wider perspective. Within it, a potent lamentation, and a prayerful willingness to receive absolution."

Hart's beautiful rendition of Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden," was called "stunning" by Forbes in a recent interview, while Folk Alley has praised Hart as well, saying "Very few artists make a first impression so indelible and wondrous that you know within seconds that they are truly special. In the past few years, Courtney Marie Andrews, Anna Tivel, and Dylan LeBlanc all cleared that bar and even raised it with succeeding efforts. Now comes Kerry Hart making a play of her own to join their ranks."

Atwood Magazine also acclaimed Hart's most recent single writing, “'Screaming Quietly' showcases her in a space of complete and utter honesty. Supported by a quiet electric guitar that eventually evolves into a full background of warm harmony, Hart sings her heart out – turning her full self toward those afflicted by pain of all kinds, in mind, body, and spirit."

Hart joined up with Nick Rosen and Léo Costa, multi-instrumentalists who have worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Jason Mraz, to record I Know A Gun at Perfect Sound Studios in Los Angeles. The album finds Hart embedding her lyrics with pieces of hard-won insight, enveloping that wisdom in her endlessly warm delivery.  With its lavishly detailed and largely acoustic sound, the album unfolds in transportive melodies and sweeping arrangements, while bearing an edgy complexity entirely unique to Hart.


Henriette - Crash Like This.

The German Country Pop vocalist Henriette managed to attract attention in a pretty short time with her cheerful, honest character and especially her great voice and not only to breathe new life into the Country scene.

With her self-titled debut EP, on Valentine’s Day via Dr. Music Records, she will gain many new fans. Henriette produced the five tracks together with the two producers Jay Tooke, drummer of the legendary band The Steel Woods and James Robertson, well-known guitarist for e.g. Lindi Ortega and Dragonette, in Nashville.

She already presented it live to a large audience as a support act for US Singer-Songwriter John Craigie and at the 10th International Country Music Meeting in early February. With her three singles released so far, the passionate, vivid “Crash Like This” as well as the successful, charming Indian Summer catchy tune “Dream Boy”  and the melancholic “Lighthouse”, the German Country Pop shooting star is currently on rotation on the radio.

The EP also features the two previously unreleased songs “Missing You”, which Henriette dedicated to her mother, who went through a hard time after the sudden death of her only brother, and “Fearless”, in which she processes the fears and doubts before her trip to Nashville.


Totemo - See You At The Beginning.

Israeli producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Totemo releases her stunning new music video for single "See You at the Beginning." The track comes from her 2019 full-length 'Everything Happens Only Once.' Totemo (Rotem Or) is a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Tel Aviv, Israel.

As a teenager, she began honing her mesmerizing electronic dream-pop sound that melded East-Asian soundscapes with moody downtempo synths and haunting vocals. Her debut EP Heavy as My Dreams was released in 2014 while she underwent a year of treatment for cancer she eventually survived. This period was followed by the critically acclaimed Desire Path EP (2016), which received much acclaim.

In 2019, Totemo returned with her first full-length Everything Happens Only Once. Its preceding singles went on to be picked by Spotify on their official Indie-Pop and New Indie Mix playlists (800K+ & 900K+ listeners)

She will be making an appearance at SXSW Festival in Austin before heading out to tour China, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, before returning once again to tour Europe.


The Tristones - Camaro.

The Tristones, led by the lively and kinetic blues rocker Tristan Clark from New York, NY, today releases, “Camaro,” the third single from his upcoming album Camaro, out in April. The title track to his forthcoming album, “Camaro” is available on all streaming services and can be found here. “Camaro was a fun song to write. I wanted to have a song that had an Al Green type feel but I never felt like I was the kind of guy to sing Al Green type lyrics.

I decided to change the narrative to be about a car and give it a silly play on a love song,” explains Clark. The track came together quickly and was enhanced by the magic of the full band. “I showed it to the guys in the band, Gregory Jones on bass and Adam Jackson on drums, and they play that style so naturally it clicked right away! We recorded it in Maine and my good friend Dylan Heming overdubbed the keys in Toronto,” Clark describes. “Camaro” is a fun twist on a love story, with the object of Clark’s affection being this desirable, classic muscle car. Catch The Tristones playing their album release show on Stage Two at New York City’s venerable Rockwood Music Hall on Friday, April 3rd!

Working again with longtime friend and colleague Jared Lucow, The Tristones release a lyric video for “Camaro” alongside the audio. The third single from The Tristones’ upcoming full-length Camaro, “Camaro” was recorded in Maine. The track was engineered by Jon Roods (The Rustic Overtones), Stu Mahan (The London Souls, Eric Krasno Band) and Rick Salt. “Camaro” was mixed by Salt and mastered at Tranquality Sound.


Pike & Sutton - Together.

Austin-based duo Pike & Sutton will release their full-length debut album Heart Is A Compass on April 3rd. Led by "hometown favorites" (Austin American-Statesman) Patrice Pike and Wayne Sutton, the band has evolved out of the longtime alternative rock band Sister 7. On Friday they released their new single "Together" which debuted on Billboard.

"The song is about creating a safe place for people to come together and transcend all the bullshit that's going on," Pike told Billboard. "But in retrospect it's kind of about Wayne and I, too. We've been in our friendship throughout the years. We've been through a lot. When people continue to make music together throughout their whole lives, something special happens. So I think those two things are in that song."

Pike & Sutton is a partnership, a creative evolution, and a promise fulfilled. Equally anchored by the powerhouse vocals of Pike and the deep textured guitars of Sutton, Heart Is A Compass is both a transformative celebration of the pair's R&B, soul, and roots influences and an exhilarating call-to-arms for the faithful. Co-produced with Grammy-winner Jim Watts (Emmylous Harris, Jenny Lewis, Kelly Clarkson), the album crackles with passion, vision, and undeniable hip-shaking rhythms.


Clem Snide - Don't Bring No Ladder.

Clem Snide, the moniker of Eef Barzelay, shares "Don't Bring No Ladder," the new single from his first album in five years, Forever Just Beyond, out on March 27 via Ramseur Records/Thirty Tigers. Barzelay has also added new tour dates where the band will be joined by Forever Just Beyond producer Scott Avett.

"'Don't Bring No Ladder' was the first song I sent Scott in the hopes that it would entice him to make a record with me and with the extra secret hope that he would sing it," says Barzelay. "Both of those hopes were sweetly fulfilled. May we all die without resentment and regret."

"Don't Bring No Ladder" is the second single from Clem Snide's forthcoming album Forever Just Beyond. The first single "Roger Ebert" was described by Rolling Stone as "a pretty, probing ballad that contemplates the mysteries of life...Clem Snide uses Ebert’s epiphany to make something that is wildly abstract, both relatable and comforting”.

The road to Forever Just Beyond, Barzelay’s stunning new album under the Clem Snide moniker, was an unlikely one, to say the least. “About ten years ago, everything just seemed to fall apart,” he explains. “The band bottomed out, my marriage was crumbling, I lost my house, and I had to declare bankruptcy. That started this process of ego death for me, where I realized the only way to survive would be to transcend myself and to try to find some kind of deeper, spiritual relationship with life and with being. Once I committed myself to that, miraculous things started to happen.”