Mirabelle - Abigail Lapell - Oracle Sisters - Mind Shrine

Mirabelle has a new single out entitled 'Betty' taken from her upcoming album 'Late Bloomer', the new song is a slow burning and atmospheric rocker. === From Abigail Lapell we have the gorgeous and timeless natural folk piece 'Down By The Water'. === Released today Oracle Sisters have shared 'Most Of All' the second single from upcoming EP ‘Paris I’, the song is a dreamy mixture of melodic rock and catchy pop moments. === A brand new video from Mind Shrine was also shared today for '5 Long Days' a song that has a fresh indie vibe and hooks galore.

Mirabelle - Betty.

Montreal singer-songwriter Mirabelle is sharing her new single "Betty", from her upcoming album Late Bloomer, out on Simone Records on May 29th. “Betty” just might be the backbone of Laurence Hélie’s upcoming album. It’s the first new song she wrote, the spark in the void that was two years or so ago - before everything that led to Late Bloomer, before she realized that she had found a new sound and called it Mirabelle.

There’s a long thread through Mirabelle’s new music that connects the rawness of our adolescent self with the acceptance of who we become—and who, in ways, we always were. Here is its anthem. “As much as I would love to be Veronica / I’ll always be Betty,” she sings. “Sure we can fool anybody / but we can’t fool ourselves.” This isn’t a concession, it’s a celebration. It moves with purpose and abandon. It lifts.

“I’ve always been super impressed with strong, confident, bold, woman musicians,” Helie says. “I guess there’s a little bit of that in my wanting to make music. To be out there, fearless, like them.” Like its early incarnation, the finished version of “Betty” came instinctively, brought to life in the studio along with guitarist, bassist and co-producer Warren C. Spicer (Plants and Animals), drummer Matthew Woodley (Plants and Animals) and Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux (Organ Mood, Chocolat) on synthesizers. The 90s alternative sounds of Hélie’s youth mesh with trip hop and the modern pop approach that colours all of Late Bloomer. "Betty" is available online everywhere now.


Abigail Lapell - Down By The Water.

Call it prairie noir, or Canadiana desert rock: Abigail Lapell sings haunting, gorgeous modern folk songs, mapping epic natural landscapes and deeply intimate, personal territory. The Toronto vocalist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist has released two acclaimed solo albums—Hide Nor Hair, her Chris Stringer-produced sophomore LP, won a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year in 2017. Since then, Lapell has been on the road, touring across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and playing at festivals like Pop Montreal, Mariposa, In The Dead Of Winter, Tiny Lights and Folk On The Rocks.

Getaway, Lapell’s ambitious third release, is bookended by songs about leaving. Opener “Gonna Be Leaving” echoes with the irony of someone who threatens to leave yet never goes—and the certainty that, sooner or later, every relationship will end. Closing the album, “Shape of a Mountain,” written in the Alberta Rockies during a Banff Centre artist residency, sets majestic scenes of wanderlust over cinematic strings (played by Vancouver cellist Peggy Lee, a Banff collaborator, and Toronto violinist Aline Homzy).

For Getaway, Lapell spent time in the mountains, digging through her vault of unreleased material, and ended up with dozens of road songs to choose from. Working again with Stringer at Toronto’s Union Sound studio, she expanded her pool of collaborators, recruiting Christine Bougie (Bahamas) on lap steel, Dan Fortin (Bernice) on bass and Jake Oelrichs (Run With The Kittens) on drums. Trumpeter and composer Rebecca Hennessy plays on “Sparrow for a Heart”—her trumpet swirling in a sublime duet with Lapell’s synth flute and electric guitar—and also arranged horn parts for band workout “Little Noise,” with Tom Richards on trombone. The latter, a subtle nod to the “Me Too” movement, may even inspire listeners to get up and dance. The album also features longtime collaborators Lisa Bozikovic on piano and vocals, Dana Sipos on vocals, Rachael Cardiello on viola and Joe Ernewein on pedal steel.


Oracle Sisters - Most Of All.

Today (April 22nd), Paris based Oracle Sisters release ‘Most Of All’, the second single from upcoming EP ‘Paris I’ due for release later this Spring.

With members hailing from across Europe, Oracle Sisters are uninhibited in their influences, finding inspiration within the art, cinema, philosophy, and music of the world over; resulting in music that is both sonically sophisticated and warmly familiar. Lyrically, they explore timeless narratives scattered with intriguing insights into the band’s personal experiences. ‘Most of All’ is the epitome of their creative output: Dreamy pop-rock and catchy hooks accompanied by a beautifully shot music video. All of this makes Oracle Sisters one of the most exciting emerging bands right now - as recognised by W Magazine & Vanity Fair, where the band will be featured in upcoming issues.

‘Most Of All’ was originally conceived as a challenge by Lewis (lead guitar) and Chris (lead vocals) to come up with a melody for a pub ballad that can be “sung in the way that people stand on tables and bang their pints like gavels in bars across Ireland and Scotland around closing time”, countries they both lived in soaking up the roots folk and balladeer troubadour culture. Chris presented the melody and they set about developing the song from there together. The song’s evolution took many turns, with and without a band, recorded on tape, on a church organ, and as stripped down as possible. In kind there are over 10 recorded versions of the song.

Most Of All’ is a taste of what’s to come from a band determined to redefine pop culture on their own terms. Oracle Sisters are Lewis Lazar, Christopher Willatt and Julia Johansen.


Mind Shrine - 5 Long Days.

Today, Houston-based band Mind Shrine have shared the music video for their newest, indie-psych-pop influenced single "5 Long Days." Directed by Oschua, the video shows the group roaming around NYC just a month prior to when the stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines were put in place.

Mind Shrine on "5 Long Days" video:
"The reasoning behind the filming in NYC instead of LA was a bit satirical considering “5 Long Days” is a song about the difficulties we encountered in LA, from completely getting ghosted by the person who brought us out there to searching up and down LA for a place to stay. Much like when we were in LA, we spent time in a plethora of different neighborhoods in NYC to show the juxtaposition in the lyrics and film. The song is about various neighborhoods in LA and the video is showcasing that in NYC. We still have so much love for LA though."

Formed in 2016, Richie Alejandro (Drums/Percussion) and Brian Gonzalez (Guitar/Bass/Backup Vox) met through a mutual friend while playing in a soccer league nearby where they grew up in the same Hispanic neighborhood with eventual member Bradley DeAnda (Guitar/Bass/Backup Vox) in Houston, TX. After moving to Houston from Seattle, Jess Howard (Vox/Percussion) joined the band in 2018. Along the process of recording their first, self-titled EP, Mind Shrine, they began playing opening slots for acts such as HOMESHAKE, Beach Fossils, The Marías, Divino Niño, Inner Wave, TOPS, and more. Following the release of their EP in August 2019, Mind Shrine started touring with international Mexican acts CLUBZ and Girl Ultra until touring again with Michael Seyer and Paul Cherry throughout Texas.