Rex - The Northern Belle - Anacarina

Rex are back just four weeks after sharing 'Palaces' with the new track 'Lovers Like We Used To Be' and the trio continue to deliver some moody and potent alt rock. === From Norway we have The Northern Belle with 'Gemini' taken from their next album 'We Wither, We Bloom' due for release in August, the featured song brims with Americana styles and some serious pop sensibilities. === Los Angeles singer-songwriter Anacarina just released 'Grave' a song where her vocals are passionate and the musical backdrop is beautifully arranged.

Rex - Lovers Like We Used To Be.

Known for their curvatures of post punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based trio Rex explore themes around the darker side of life. Caught in a whirlwind of frustration over dead-end relationships, the band are set release new cut ‘‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’

Straddling genres with a sensational blend of mellifluous guitar riffs, snazzy drumbeats and lead singer Jonathan’s robust vocals, ‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’ is subjected around hopeless romanticism and resentment.

In talks of their new number Rex says: “It’s a story that happens on a certain night, when you think it’s better to leave a person because all that you have done together is repetitive. You’re left feeling frustrated, but soon realise that it’s your own patterns that causes the friction. When you return, it’s too late and realise you hardly knew her.”

This year will see Rex on the rising scale, as they welcome the release of their debut EP this spring.


The Northern Belle - Gemini.

Written as an examination of personal relationships, the new album by The Northern Belle is aptly titled We Wither, We Bloom. The Norwegian septet is among the pioneers of the nordicana scene that has been gaining momentum in the US the last few years. Fronted by prolific singer-songwriter Stine Andreassen (also of folk quartet Silver Lining) and armed with pedal steel, slide guitar, lush harmonies, a string quartet and their secret weapon, the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, The Northern Belle have developed their own unique brew of pop-oriented americana and folk music. Imagine Fleetwood Mac fronted by Jenny Lewis in a country mood.

Brimming with melodic tunes and clever lyrics, We Wither We Bloom is the band's third studio album, albeit the first to be released internationally. Having made the difficult decision to quit her day job to pursue music, Andreassen and The Northern Belle received widespread praise and a Spellemann nomination (Norwegian Grammy) for the 2018 album Blinding Blue Neon. In the spring of 2019, Andreassen traveled to Nashville for three months to write the follow-up. The welcoming and thriving music scene found east of the Cumberland River sparked a creative songwriting spell that resulted in this inspired collection of tracks. The distance from home allowed for new views on friends, family, love, loss and homesickness, resulting in the band's most personal album to date.

Constantly evolving as a band, The Northern Belle’s sound in 2020 is inspired by contemporary acts such as Erin Rae, Kacey Musgraves, Phoebe Bridgers and Marit Larsen, as well as legends such The Beach Boys, The Byrds and Glen Campbell. All resulting in a record that pays tribute to its inspirations while also showing true originality.


Anacarina - Grave.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Anacarina shares "Grave" the latest single off her upcoming EP 'One of Your Forevers'.

“Grave” is about being in love with someone and the ups but more so the downs that come along with it. It’s about feeling that strong desire, doubting your judgement, feeling shame and insecurity.

Anacarina produced “Grave” with Jonathan Lee Chan and was mastered by Chris Longwood. Together, they create an emotionally powerful track.

"[Grave is] A song about being in love with someone, feeling that strong desire, and not believing/ having little faith in the success of that connection. Doubting your judgement. Feeling shame and insecurity. Grieving and desperate longing."
- Anacarina - 'One of Your Forevers' is out on May 29th via Glass Planets.