Josefin Berger - Kaylee Patterson

Josefin Berger shares 'Go Kiss An Orc - Chapter 1' accompanied by a dramatic and amusing story telling video, however the song stands well on it's own with bags of originality, incredible vocals and plenty of musical twists. === From Kaylee Patterson we have 'Other Side' and immediately her gorgeous melodic and distinctive vocals are simply captivating on this beautiful song.

Josefin Berger
- Go Kiss An Orc - Chapter 1.

Fun Fantasy Pop inspired by The Lord of The Rings. "Fantasy is real. When Josefin Berger brings to the masses, her brand of fantastical arrangements, chivelry rises again with gallantry and utmost beauty in musical ambitions.

Josefin’s rendition, brings the other dimension to another precedence. Honesty and pure fun, lives in Josefin’s falsetto and the colors it brings," writes the music blog Comeherefloyd about it.

"I wrote the song inspired by working with fantasy events, The Lord of the Rings and the high soprano melodies of Kate Bush" says Josefin.

She continues: "In elf language it’s offensive to say the phrase go kiss an orc and it means 'be gone, go kiss an orc'. Go Kiss an Orc will be released in different versions (there is another version released already, Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue) – Chapter 1 I see as the main one".

Josefin lives in Gothenburg (Gårda) in Sweden and grew up at the countryside in Fjärås in Kungsbacka. She has alsways had a fondndess for fairy tales – hence she writes fantasy inspired lyrics for her music.


Kaylee Patterson
- Other Side.

Kaylee Patterson has always prided herself on her uniqueness- it is no surprise that her musical style follows in this same vein. She started writing songs and using music as a coping mechanism during a 6-year long toxic relationship.

Well-versed in heartbreak, Montreal-based artist Kaylee Patterson brings a new sound to the industry, one that blends contemporary pop with a plethora of other influences, such as elements from the works of Lana Del Rey, Leonard Cohen and Alexandra Savior. Her music is at once a cry for help and an indication that love doesn’t have to end in pain.

Other Side is Kaylee Patterson's debut single, released on July 17th. Kaylee’s distinctive vocals only contribute to the experimental nature of Other Side. It was the first song (of many) that the Canadian artist ever wrote about running away and not hurting anymore. It took her a few years to finally gain the courage to run away, even though she had already done so in her music.