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ViVA Trio
- Siren Song.

Award-winning and Internationally acclaimed Canadian female vocal group ViVA Trio are set to summon audiences out to sea with this, their stunning new single, “Siren Song.” The three-piece’s two sopranos Anna Bateman and Katya Tchoubar, along with mezzo-soprano Erin Fisher, discovered a rare silver lining in the interruption of their international touring schedule due to COVID-19; the newly-freed up time meant they could create some new musical masterpieces to follow their breakthrough debut, Nothing Else Matters.

Telling the ancient sailor’s tale of the ‘Siren’s’ hypnotic voice and powerful lure, “Siren Song” instantly surrounds, haunting and hypnotizing from start to finish between its electronic mixing and multi-layered vocal mastery. “Anna naturally has the highest voice in the group,” Tchoubar shares and jokes of Bateman’s role as the song’s ‘siren.’ “We usually refer to her as the dolphin of the group!” “She’s not wrong!” Bateman laughs. “My voice is just happy there.”

Featuring the three artist’s signature powerful vocals, “Siren Song” serves as a preview for what’s to come with ViVA Trio — both with this single and their forthcoming sophomore and third release; currently being finessed in tandem, the two albums reveal a new yet familiar sound, style, and story for the Mississauga, Ontario-based group.

“Cinematic, electronic, ethereal, and dramatic are some of the words I would use to describe the sound we are creating for this next push of music,” Fisher shares of “Siren Song,” and beyond. “We’re pouring all of our creativity into these upcoming releases.” Set to feature full storylines, characters, costumes, elaborate makeup, hair and effects for their live shows, album art, and music videos, the theatrical overtones reflect each member’s professional background in opera and stage arts.

“It’s been a while since any of us have done character work on stage,” Tchoubar hints. “We’ll be leaning into our roots, and we look forward to revealing our hybrid show — blending a concert with mics with a staged show featuring a full plot line.”


Dawn-Song - She Has Spoken.

Released physically via Ffynnone Records on the 28th of May, 'For Morgan', the beautiful debut album by Dawn-Song will be available on Limited Edition Vinyl and Compact Disc.

Come with us on an epic journey from Dark to Light, an extraordinary tale of total excess to finding ones inner calm, a musical time-capsule 'For Morgan' is an audio letter from Father to Son. Welshman Nick Evans originally from Penarth, South Wales found himself in the centre of London's consuming Music Business in the 90's. His Elemental Records a pioneering Label was home to Alabama 3, Rocket From The Crypt amounst others.

"I made an album of my songs with some wonderful collaborators over the last couple of years. When I’m gone I wanted to continue to be able to sing for my son Morgan if he needed me. My father published a small book of poetry before he died and if I’m missing him a lot I read a bit of it and I feel reconnected. I also wanted to make something my mother could enjoy. So the record is for Morgan" - Nick Evans AKA Dawn-Song

"When we were young We dreamed of creating a better future We Screamed, We Shouted We Loved, We Lost But We Lived Sometimes Together, Sometime Apart And Now I hear my friend talking from a future to his son I hear my friend imploring the world to do and to be better I hear the same song with a different sound I hear the Byrds, I hear Crass The shoutings gone, replaced with fragility and love I hear dawn Song" - Ffynnone Records


Big Little Lions - We Were Young.

Big Little Lions have been described as ‘a blissful marriage of new folk and sophisticated pop’. Prolific songwriting, infectious folk-pop style, and an offbeat, memorable live show. 

This award winning duo consists of Helen Austin and Paul Otten who, despite living thousands of miles apart, have found a way to connect and create music together. Despite being in two different countries, they have found common ground to share their message. Call it destiny, or call it fate, call it a necessary progression for these modern times. 

Helen lives in British Columbia, Canada and Paul lives in Cincinnati, OH. But the distance provides the necessity to create in a new way. Using technology as their ally and their differences as their strength. 

Their monthly single releases are their way of getting through this pandemic while all the usual album cyle release plans don’t make sense anymore. Their music is jam-packed with emotion and tight harmonies, the sound of two people working side-by-side.


Vinok - River.

VINOK is not just another indie-rock band, it’s a statement of authenticity and social change to create a new culture of justice in a land of unknown. Giving a voice for the marginalized and bluntly bringing to attention crucial problems of a global society is what the band is all about. Their topics range from disability rights to feminism, politics and religion. Vinok’s sound is an unusual mix of experimental rock and indie art-pop spiced with notes of garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop.

The hints of a Wild West atmosphere are to symbolize everything the band stands for - an attempt to build freedom and hope in a harsh opportunistic world by challenging the establishment. VINOK provides fresh, powerful and insightful music with deep syncopated rhythms, haunting lyrics, soaring powerful vocals and a molotov cocktail in the face of evil.

Co-founder, lead vocalist and keyboardist Nathalie has practiced as a mental health professional and expressive arts therapist working extensively with people who witnessed a wide array of abuse and neglect. As a journalist, VINOK’s co-founder and drummer Ilya has witnessed the atrocities executed by authoritarian and corrupt regimes in Eastern Europe and the sheer poverty that resulted from them. The band’s virtuoso bassist Anton comes from war-torn eastern Ukraine and says, “Music is my salvation”.

“river” is the namesake of a masterpiece written by American novelist Flannery O’Connor. Much of the symbolism within the song is in reference to her renowned story “River”. This song is about redemption and all of the pain that comes with it before one is truly set free.

“We have been inspired by much of Flannery O’Connor’s bold, truthful, gothic and often violent writing style,” said Nathalie, the lead vocalist of the band. “For example, our previous EP Wise Blood (hence the name being based on one of O’Connor’s novels) used a lot of similar symbolism”. “For some, river can be seen as a tragedy but for us it is definitely a story of redemption,” said the band’s drummer Ilya.


The Lagoons - Sedated.

From The Lagoons - Our brand new single, "Sedated," is a reminder to enjoy not only the destination but the journey too.

"Sedated" has psychedelic, trippy elements you'll see reflected in our music video.

We wrote and recorded "Sedated" back in 2018, but felt it was darker than what you heard in last year's debut album, Midnight Afternoon.

The Lagoons are the musical project of Southern California-raised multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan. The duo writes, records, and produces music out of their home studio in Los Angeles.


Moli - Insomnia.

Falling down the rabbit hole of social media and your own thoughts - a feeling we all know too well.

When the Belgian singer-songwriter Moli was failing to fall asleep in a hostel in London and fell down that rabbit hole, she ended up writing a song about it. With "Insomnia", she deals with feeling stressed out, not being able to sleep and sleep paralysis.

She says: "I wrote Insomnia while I was in London. At the time I was staying in a youth hostel. Always a bit of a hit and miss. I was very used to it as I nearly always stayed in hostels on writing trips and had had some great experiences but some not so great. This one particular night, I had been assigned a shared dorm on the ground floor and my bed was on the top bunk situated right next to the window where this one bright light shined directly onto my bed in my face. It was summer, the room was super hot so we also needed to keep the window open and people were being super noizy outside, I couldn't sleep at all. 

I was lying there tossing and turning all night and anxiety creped up on me. I spent a while on my phone going through the news and social media and that stressed me out even more. I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts about life, had a little existential crisis. I was in the studio the next few days and felt inspired by that experience among other sleepless nights and the nights where I have sleep paralysis to write Insomnia." "Insomnia" is part of Moli's recently released mini-album, Préface.