Emily Kate - Kelly McMichael - Neighborhood Brats - Breathe Panel

Emily Kate - The Whole Time.

Recording artist, Emily Kate perfectly bridges the gap between country and pop with her unique sound and lyrical storytelling. Born and raised in Toronto, Emily Kate’s love for music started at a very young age. She grew up inspired by her musical family and influenced by Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kelsea Ballerini, and Danielle Bradberry.

Pulling from real life experiences, her music conveys relatable thoughtful messages weaved with fresh, soulful melodies. Her meaning filled lyrics coupled with her warm sound is often described as Kelsea Ballerini meets a motivational speaker.

“I want to be able to say something with my music. For people to connect with themselves and feel inspired when they listen…while also having fun.” – Emily Kate

Working with CMAO nominated Producer of the Year, Shawn Moore, her anticipated debut EP All In, reveals a strong willed female artist, sure to impact the lives of current and future fans. Giant, the first single off her EP, became available August 7, 2020 and its empowering message has gained popularity amongst her fans and also Canadian Country Radio. Having over 500 plays on Sirius XM and many other stations across Canada.

Keeping up with the momentum, Emily Kate released her next single off her EP, All In, which has reached Top 50 on the Sirius XM charts. This song has touched that relatable experience when we sometimes pick the wrong guy, and makes you want to hold up a lighter while you sing and sway. The second last song, Space, showcases a more vulnerable side. The soaring lyrical story centres on Emily Kate’s strong belief that every little thing in our lives happens for a reason. It’s all about timing and Space brings that metaphor to life throughout the stellar songwriting and effortless production overlay.


Kelly McMichael - I Missed Out On Everything.

Kelly McMichael is known for her commanding vocals, classic songwriting, and unique ability to conduct powerful musical forces whether making bedroom beats, rocking a Gibson SG or serenading softly on the piano. She has fronted RENDERS, Thelma & Louise, and The Gloss and Rouge.

Her debut full-length album Waves (available now) displays a wide range of rock sounds and marks a transition from her electronic-based project ‘RENDERS’. It has taken years to find the right circumstances to bring these arrangements to life, and she finally found them by the ocean with the support of engineer, co-producer and drummer Jake Nicoll (The Burning Hell), and multi-instrumentalists Maria Peddle and Sarah Harris (Property) from St John's.

After years of experience and searching for the right pieces, I've created a collection of my best songs played with my favourite musicians infused with the magical energy on this whacky and amazing island of Newfoundland. It's a celebration of resilience, marked by this ridiculous cover photo of me - tired and proud on a cranky horse, smelling the salty air, wondering what magical surprises are in my future, remembering the golden fields of my rural Ontario past. - Kelly McMichael.


Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life (Album).

 Neighborhood Brats is a California punk band formed in 2010 by vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager. Originally based in San Francisco, Rager and Angelillo relocated frequently around and between northern and southern California during the band’s formative years.

In 2013, publicity, positive reviews and regional US touring attracted enough attention for the band to begin touring Europe, which would become a mainstay for the band’s road activity. By the end of 2019, the band had completed five European tours, and multiple headlining and direct support tours throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2021, Neighborhood Brats will release their third LP, Confines of Life, which was recorded in 2020 as Los Angeles shut down in response to the incoming pandemic. The album will be released on May 28th via Dirt Cult Records in the US and Taken By Surprise Records in Europe.


Breathe Panel - Lets It In.

Today, Breathe Panel have announced that their new album will be released on September 17th on FatCat Records via the sharing of title track ‘Lets It In’. With members divided between London and Brighton, Breathe Panel come together to produce music that is as effortless as their name suggests. Recorded live to tape by esteemed producer Ali Chant (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey, Katy J Pearson), Lets It In was recorded with no agenda other than the enjoyment of making music together. The resulting album is ultimately positive in outlook, centering around themes of falling in love, moments in places, light, breathing, walking, urban living and finding beauty in a sometimes heavy environment.

Living together in a shared house in East London, frontman Nick Green and lead guitarist Josh Tyler would start writing songs together as an escape from the restlessness of the city. “A sort of meditation from the mess”, says Nick. With the arrival of the lockdown, their immediate surroundings became even more vivid and influential as spring turned to summer last year. “I've been reading about Psychogeography and the weird link between where you are and how you feel and how sometimes those two things can align to make you feel like you're in a sweet spot just for a split second or an afternoon,” explains Josh.

Nowhere is the essence of the album found more precisely than on the album’s title track which documents a relationship blossoming at the first signs of the summer. “The single highlights what I was seeing at the time; light, windows, day-to-day goodness and being in a good place,” explains Nick. “Once that song came together I felt like we'd landed on the sound of the album,” says guitarist Josh. “I was struggling to write a line for it but it slowly began to flow in a practice in Alex's kitchen. I like how it's a turn of phrase that feels close to something you might say on a daily basis but never think twice about,” he continues.

For a band who are at their most comfortable writing songs together in a living room, swapping drum kits for cushions, it’s unsurprising that the music Breathe Panel produce is as rejuvenating to listen to as it is for them to produce. The result is a second album that sounds real and present in the moment, evoking the moments in time in which it was made, calling to mind the warm 90’s indie-rock of bands like Acetone and The Sea and Cake. Breathe Panel is here to soothe the collective soul in 2021.