Selci - Violent Vickie - KAELI - In The Pines - KAVYA

Photo - Annabeth Trondsen
Selci - Ghost.

Calgary-based art-pop artist Selci released their latest single “Ghost,” mixed by Sylvia Massy, with a stunning visual accompaniment, directed by the artist herself. Watch + share via YouTube. “Ghost” offers a first taste into what will be a fruitful 2022, as Selci puts the finishing touches on a two-part album project, details of which will be announced next month.

Discussing “Ghost,” Selci noted that, “it’s about being ghosted - literally and figuratively. The first verse is about the elusiveness of truth. This feels augmented in our current reality with the lack of trustworthy sources and the influx of political conspiracies. The second is about being ghosted by a love interest and washing it away with liquor. The third is an outcry - it gives me the feeling of falling to my knees in surrender to the things that I cannot control in this life. This song is very much a response to the political climate of the past two years. It takes the laments of modern life and compares them to ghosts.”

For Selci, the pairing of music to the visual, is a natural extension of expression. “The video for ‘Ghost' recreates famous 19th century paintings of mythological women,” they noted. “In contemporary styling we recreated Charles Mengin’s ‘Sappho', Waterhouse’s 'Echo and Narcissus', and Mallais’ ‘Ophelia'. Contemporary dancers dance like ghosts in front of giant human-like statues in Calgary, known as 'The Brotherhood of Mankind'. In its time, it was created as a celebration of colonization, framing it as a gift to the rest of the world - a dated and simply incorrect view of colonization, and continued harm it has brought to Indiegneous peoples.

Continuing with that theme, the scenes of women dancing in red dresses is an intended nod of awareness to the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. The final scene - featuring a woman, apple in hand, being clutched by another hand from below, is a commentary on the Garden of Eden, and forced assimilation into the Catholic Church.”

“Ghost” follows Selci’s September single “Type and Send.” The two tracks show the versatility and dynamic range of Selci’s sonic palette. And with a two-part album set for 2022, the Selci is ready to take on the world.


Violent Vickie - Get To Me (Fragrance Remix).

After touring Mexico, Violent Vickie returns with “GET TO ME” (Fragrance Remix) , a gothy-y dance remix of her "sad girl" song by the French producer and remix artist known as  Fragrance.  “GET TO ME” (Fragrance Remix)  is the first track off of Violent Vickie's Division Remixes LP which will be out in February of 2022.

Violent Vickie is a Los Angeles based Dark Synth-Riot artist consisting of Vickie and co-producer/recording guitarist E.  Vickie has toured with Hanin Elias of Atari Teenage Riot and has shared the stage with Trans X, The Missing Persons,  Jessie Evans (The Vanishing),Them Are Us Too, Pastel Ghost and Aimon.  She has toured the US, Mexico, Canada & Europe and played Insted Fest, Solidarity Fest, Shoutback Fest & Gay Prides and Ladyfests.  

Vickie’s tracks have been released by Crunch Pod, Emerald & Doreen Recordings (Berlin), Riot Grrrl Berlin, & LoveCraft Bar (PDX).  Her track "The Wolf“ was featured in a National Organization for Women film and she was interviewed for the documentary “GRRRL”, part of the museum exhibit “Alien She”.  Her LP "Monster Alley” was voted best album by KALX and her tracks have been remixed by 25+ artists.  Violent Vickie's Division LP was released in September 2020,  followed by a remix album of "Under The Gun" in February 2021 and a cover of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire in July 2021.  Violent Vickie’s “Division” Remixes LP will be out in February 2022.



KAELI - No Mans Land.

 “There is no other time when I feel more alive. Being on stage, singing about what I have experienced and felt, and getting to share that with people who feel the same way, it’s a feeling like no other” says KAELI. New to the music scene, but not unfamiliar with the stage, KAELI is a singer-songwriter from London. Beginning her career by treading the boards in theatre, and eventually touring arenas worldwide as a featured vocalist for film star Hugh Jackman, it hasn’t been a conventional route into the music industry. But 2021 sees KAELI finally find her own voice. Combining soaring vocals, and honest lyrics with an effervescent pop sound, KAELI hopes to bring her lively energy and openness to every track.

KAELI is signed by Abubilla Music, and plans to release her debut EP in late 2021. Growing up to Scottish parents in a small village in Hertfordshire, KAELI never wanted to be in the spotlight. In fact, it wasn’t until her parents saw how crippling her shyness was that they decided to put her into drama and singing classes at the age of 8. It all went downhill from there. Coming into her own, a young KAELI found her passion and spent her free time performing and taking classes, or listening to the soundtracks of her favourite musicals and Disney movies. It was where she felt most at home, feeling theemotion of every song that these characters were singing.

It was a purely natural progression for her to pursue performing as a career, and after attending prestigious schools such as LAMDA and the Guildford School of Acting, KAELI went on to have a successful stage career in the West End, performing in shows such as ‘Les Misérables’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and the original cast of ‘Tina the Musical’. However, her career took a new turn after being asked to join Hugh Jackman on his 2019 world arena tour of ‘The Man. The Music’. The Show, as one of his featured singers.

Performing in venues such as Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and the O2, KAELI travelled across the US, Europe and Australia, playing to packed out houses alongside the Hollywood star. Whilst touring, KAELI would use spare moments on the bus to work on new music and demos, as she found herself more and more inspired by her travels and experiences. Encouraged by the team on the tour, and Hugh himself, KAELI decided to pursue her songwriting further, and reached out to London label Abubilla Music on her return. She signed to the label in 2020, after some time developing her writing with the team, and began writing her debut EP. “This EP explores the different genres of music that I love, whilst also allowing me to explore where I fit in this musical world. I think each song shows a part of me, a part of how I respond to the world and to relationships, and paints a really vivid picture of who I was when I wrote each song. I see it as a kaleidoscope of 

KAELI, that’s helped me uncover exactly where I want to sit with my next record. I can’t believe I’m talking about my next record already but I feel so fired up now that I can’t wait to start writing it with this new found clarity. I just hope this first one gives everyone a taste so they’re hungry for more!”


In The Pines - Jeez Louise.

Cincinnati, Ohio quartette In The Pines announced that their third full-length studio album, Impossible Daze, will be released on January 28, 2022 via Soul Step Records. To mark the announcement of Impossible Daze, the band has shared “Jeeze Louise," a laid-back and lo-fi cut that highlights the band’s proclivity towards immersive and atmospheric vocal harmonies.

“‘Jeeze Louise’ was one of the tunes where we knew exactly how we wanted it to sound, but we weren’t sure of the best way to go about it,” says guitarist & vocalist Michael Shular. “We wanted it to sound like it was done out on the front porch, real loose, just like we were pickin’ around, having a good time. We wanted a low fi sound so our engineer decided to run it through a cassette player in the front room of the studio using an old 50’s Altec broadcasting mic. While we were recording he was pressing on the tape to give it that warbly old school sound. It was really satisfying hearing the final result, it had exceeded our expectations and has become a favorite of ours.”

“The verses allude to some of the more exciting parts of love - the feelings of excitement and courage in a happy new relationship,” says bassist & vocalist Patrick Zopff. “Those images are contrasted with the chorus, which is a desperate apology. (“Babe I’m awful sorry, oh jeez Louise!”) It’s supposed to evoke the feeling of surprise and shame upon the realization that you can hurt someone despite the best of intentions. All of this is performed with a little whimsy, sincerely bittersweet… We chose to strip down the arrangement to just banjo, guitar, and vocals, to make it feel like four friends drunkenly singing together on the porch on a warm summer night.”


KAVYA - Know Me Better (E.P).

KAVYA's new 4 track EP depicts the artist’s diverse creative interests ranging from fashion, art, music, and acting all of which make her thrive and are integral in shaping the person she is today.

‘Know Me Better’ is KAVYA’s humble attempt to share her personality, interests, dreams, and vulnerability with her audience through her music. In February 2021 in association with VH1 Supersonic plug-in, 'Know Me Better’ the documentary was released which highlighted Kavya's relationships with the women in her life, her interest in art, cinema, visual identity followed by a live performance. Through the next three months, we delve into her different creative worlds and bring to the forefront all the things that make her come alive.

KAVYA (Kavya Trehan) is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from New Delhi, India who’s been performing since the age of 14. Over the course of time, she’s collaborated with some of the leading producers in India and toured with her band, MOSKO. Her solo project is a celebration of raw emotion and her roots, where all songs have been developed from guitar parts and trusty voice notes. In order to constantly evolve as an artist, in 2016 she started writing music using Ableton. Since then, she is on a relentless spree of releasing her own material that has more of an R&B, electronic, and indie-pop feel.