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Parliamo - Midnight Vesta - Alice SK - Sylvie

Parliamo - Life On The TV. Perth, Scotland based 6-piece Parliamo (pronounced Par-Lee-Ammo) have just released a new single "Life On The TV", the second track to be lifted from upcoming EP 'The Parliamo Manifesto', due for release later this year via Modern Sky (The Coral, The Lathums, Abbie Ozard). Intertwining playful references to Dennis The Menace and The Simpsons' Ralph Wiggum, "Life On The TV" details the youthful anxieties that arise after a heavy night out. Utilising an inspired blend of soaring vocal harmonies, obscure electronic samples and rousing indie-rock instrumentation, Parliamo's new single makes for a truly unique and compelling experience. Speaking on the release of "Life On The TV", the band said: "It's a song about the crippling fear, something which most people can relate to, that feeling of hopelessness and embarrassment after a night out, as you sit in front of the TV and wither away - with overthinking, Lu

Eve Goodman - Louise Aubrie - Georgia Lines - Wyndow

Eve Goodman - Wave Upon Wave. 'Wave Upon Wave', the latest single by North Wales singer / songwriter Eve Goodman is an exploration of the healing power of the sea. Its lilting, rolling melody is one part ‘Bryter Layter’ Nick Drake, early 70s golden period Sandy Denny and the other Eve’s captivating and unflinching musical honesty. 'Wave Upon Wave'’s emotive heart balances the songs questioning yearning with the need for comfort …… the comfort of being carried along the waves towards an awaiting shore. Eve explains the origin of the song: "I wrote the vocal parts in one sitting, and never changed them. In fact, the entire vocal recording is the original demo that I created when trying out ideas late one night. I started off with the simple lilting melody of 'wave upon wave upon wave', and loved the way the structure of this sentence means it could go on infinitely. This idea of infinity sparked the next line, 'day upon day upon day'. The sea is vast

Vera Ellen - Big Little Lions - Skidders - Girlpuppy

Vera Ellen - I Want 2 B Boy. Vera Ellen shares a second sensational single, ‘I Want 2 B Boy’, from the upcoming album ‘It’s Your Birthday’ out October 8th via Flying Nun Records. ‘I Want 2 B Boy’ explores the depths of identity — and the incertitude that can arise from opening a can of this particular brand of worms. Sonically, the track makes immaculate use of synthesizers, and scratches our itch for a spirited sing-a-long. Equal parts triumphant and ambivalent, the sonic delivery oscillates between the two, showcasing Vera’s incredible song-writing prowess. Vera has said on the track, “Ahh.. the multiple layers of feelings you get when you step into yourself. Joy! Pain! More confusion! You spend your life trying to find your footing and often when you do, you just step into another layer of questioning." ========================================================================== Big Little Lions - Hold On. Written and produced by Big Little Lions (Helen Austin/Paul Otten) “Hold

Glass Heart String Choir - Lleuwen - Julia Bardo - Alicia Walter

Glass Heart String Choir - California. Wrapped in the warmth of cinematic strings, airy siren choirs, and yearning lead vocals, California invites us to pause as we begin reaching out again for the things we love and missed during our collective isolation, and consider how much they, and we, have changed. Friends-in-arms reveling at the intersection of classical virtuosity, existential poetics, and art-film surrealism, Seattle art-pop duo Glass Heart String Choir weaves golden lyrical threads of haute-art into their achingly beautiful orchestral tapestry. Always ambitious in their quest to create unique compositions that stand out from other string-heavy chamber-pop, their latest release California is a beautiful art-song reminiscent of Damien Rice or Joanna Newsom. The song begins in warm orchestral depths, with Williams delivering the song’s hook, “Do you remember?” in delicate yet sanguine tones, setting us up for the tug-of-war between fond recollection, consolation, and sorrow th

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers - Piper Butcher - Robert Ellis Orrall

Photo - Dave Clancy Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers - Sick of Me. "Sick of Me" is Molly Hanmer's first single in three years and the first offering off the band's sophomore album Get Loose, due out on September 2021. The song comes after the release of Molly's debut album Stuck in a Daydream, released in 2018 with warm recognition from the National press and radio. Get Loose parts ways from the Americana-themed compositions of its predecessor and dives deeper into Molly's passion for rock, blues, and psychedelic melodies. Lyric-wise, this new record feels more personal and brings awareness to political and social subjects that had an impact in the band when writing and composing the songs. As the title implies, this album is less restrained or unrestrained, hence "Get loose". The 10 songs included in Molly Hanmer's upcoming album are longing for freedom to shake off the confines of the pandemic as well as our own critic or fears/inhibitio

The Accidentals - Katherine Aly - Anya Hinkle - Hush

The Accidentals - Go Getter. The Accidentals, an indie folk-pop, rock trio, announce the October 1 release of their new album Vessel, co-produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Lana Del Rey) and Tucker Martine (Decemberists, First Aid Kit). Following their critically acclaimed release Time Out Session 1, the new album blasts through the isolation of the last eighteen months with a shot of alt-rock muscle. “Go Getter,” the first single off the album, has a catchy-as-hell melody with a much-needed message – “Shake off the pressure, sometimes you’ve gotta burn it down to build it better.” While the accompanying music video for “Go Getter” features Goonies-era cinematography and a relentless search for the elusive “goat," the song’s lyrics compel the listener to keep moving forward even as life gets heavy. “‘Go Getter’ is all about not getting bogged down in the details,” the band explains. “Each single art on the Vessel album is a piece of the final album art. When the album comes