Quasi Qui - Abby Sage - Iceblynk - Astralux

Photo - Maxime Imbert
Quasi Qui - Terminal 5.

Since the announcement of their signing to microqlima records (Isaac Delusion, L’Impératrice, Pepite, Fils Cara), things have moved fast for British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui. After playing a number of tastemaker festivals in France (Pete The Monkey, Coconut, Love Letters..), and the release of the singles 'Directorial Debut', 'Epoch' and '10 years', the duo is back with 'Terminal 5'. A dense and colourful number, much like the forthcoming album Downloading A New Operating System, which is set to be released November 4.

Together, Yehan Jehan and his sister Zadi are Quasi Qui. In the dystopian / utopian sci-fi reality that they envisage on their new album, the earth has split into two, and it’s up to you to hitch a ride on the parallel universe of your choosing. The duo are not only reimagining how to make great pop music on their debut album, they’re also remodelling the future and imagining a civilisation that works for us all. Such confident prognostications are certainly welcome right now.

The concept for Downloading A New Operating System came to Yehan Jehan periodically, by way of a recurring dream. He describes those dreams as like “a collage of cinematic films”, which formed the basis of ‘City Mashups’, the assured opening track that imbues the spirit of Quincy Jones in widescreen. ‘City Mashups’ sets the tone for the rest of the record, which passes through personal experience, present experience, and then, according to Yehan: “future aspiration and a new hope or innocence.” Their debut is suitably audacious and teeming with musical invention, offering a roadmap out of our current collective malaise by imploring us to dream big and open up our imaginations.

Yehan has turned heads with his production nous, making a plethora of bands sound more expansive and technicolor, though he’s more than just a slick producer: “The modus operandi was to make sure the songs were strong,” he says. That marriage between melody and production is felicitous on tracks like new single ‘Terminal 5’, where breakbeats, sub-bass and sequencers form a nexus with catchy melodies.


Abby Sage - High Five.

LA/London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage shares her sophomore EP The Florist via Nettwerk. The Florist EP represents a dynamic shift, an evolution in Abby Sage’s artistry. The 5-track collection is fueled by Sage’s love for character sketches, with each song becoming a tiny play or narrative. The songs off The Florist gently flow through the different phases of early adulthood—from the uncertainties and complexities of daily life to those moments of pain and joy that shape us in who we are and who we want to become.

Abby Sage shares this about her EP, “‘The Florist’ I leaned heavily into a ‘fly on the wall’ mentality. I was spending a lot of time alone but surrounded by many people in transit. I wrote the project with others in mind; others and their experiences and stories, particularly struggles people face through the various stages of life. For example, ‘Pool Party’ really zeroes in on moments of youth feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, and a bit out of sorts. To contrast this, I included a conversation I had with my Nanna (the interlude “Irene”) where she speaks on the troubles she faces and her overarching feeling of falling behind, regarding technology in particular. I think we really glorify youth and there are a lot of pieces of work out there that focus on ‘firsts,’ such as first love, first heartbreak etc. My Nanna really inspired the project because I wanted to get both sides of the timeline. The beginning and the end, that’s what I wanted to capture with The Florist.”

Brand new track “High Five” is a celebration of solitude. Co-written with fellow Nettwerk artist, LA singer/songwriter Miya Folick, “High Five” highlights Sage’s reposeful vocals, buzzing alt-pop melodies, and gentle drum beats. “High Five” casually blends nostalgic fueled lyricism with sonically trippy vibes. “‘High Five’ came to me when reflecting on the importance of alone time. I’ve always been a more reserved person who enjoys my space and my own company,” says Abby Sage. “I came to the idea of high five as an homage to that. Waking up alone and going to bed alone with all of those special moments in between. It feels like a beautiful secret between you and the morning hours or you and the night. Only you heard that bird sing or that car passed, only you saw the glow of the streetlight. It’s intimate. I don’t think there’s any better feeling than that.”


Iceblynk - Seen Gone.

Queens, NY-based indie-pop trio, Iceblynk, made up of Andrea Lynn (vocals) and brothers Martin (guitars, bassVI, mellotron-D) and James Newman (bass, drums, lapsteel) release their debut, self-titled EP Iceblynk via A Secret Brand. 

To accompany the EP release, the band highlights their latest single “Seen Gone,” which features guitarist Martin Newman cleverly layering hypnotizing and dreamy guitar plucks over a 12-string guitar throughout the track. From there, a solid drum groove and silky-smooth Fender BassVI steps in to lead the listener into the crescendo. 

“‘Seen Gone’ was originally recorded for Iceblynk’s straight-to-vinyl limited release as ‘Seagulls,’” explains vocalist Andrea Lynn. “I insisted not only that we include it on the EP, but that it should be highlighted as one of our singles. It’s one of my favorite songs to perform and in some ways, departs from our previous singles. 

It’s more of an emotionally charged slow burner, with gently hypnotic guitar leading us in and soft vocals that reference the sensations of flowing like a dream and floating away. All of it beckoning us to lean in and listen closely. From quiet beginnings, “Seen Gone” eventually bursts forth, intense in every sense with fevered layers of guitar and soaring vocals. Moments later, the rising tide recedes with all elements circling back to the beginning as we slowly drift back into silence.”


Astralux - Desert Dream.

Rock n Rollers Astralux are back with a music video for their single "Desert Dream." The video showcases the Los Angeles band as they drive out to the desert and set up to perform. 

Shot in Joshua Tree, California, the video perfectly complements the overall free-spirited vibe of the song. 

Thrilling, powerful, and enigmatic, the "Desert Dream" is a sonic journey through the surreal and inspiring places we travel to when the “Sun goes away.”