T.G. Shand - Lightnode - Bazooka - Natalie Henry

T.G. Shand - WAWO.

Otautahi, New Zealand based dream pop artist, T. G. Shand is excited to present her latest single release, ‘WAWO’. Out today Friday 11 November. This is the first single off an upcoming EP due out this summer.

Delving back into her heavier Melbourne shoegaze roots, this one  feels the influences of Tamaryn and Sharon Van Etten. It's heavier than the recent tracks but has a dream pop sparkle. Self produced by Annemarie, and mastered by Bevan Smith, the track is both dynamic and ethereal.

"Most of it came together pretty quickly in a weekend, then I spent a month figuring out the bridge and how to include my precious Yamaha CP-70 piano."

T. G. Shand came to life in 2016. “After Miniatures disbanded, it’s been an outlet for music ideas and trying out guitar and bass.” Annemarie’s shoegaze roots found influences from the likes of Curve, Chapterhouse, Medicine, and equally from modern R&B/hip-hop heroes like Pip Millet and Little Simz.


Lightnode - To be is to be is to be/Same Time Same Place.

At the beginning of October 2022, the Swiss alternative rock band Lightnode released the album single 'Same Time Same Place', which was played on numerous radio stations throughout Europe.

Now follows the debut album entitled 'The Bright Side of The Edge'. The tracks on the album are reflective, concise and atmospheric. Roger Imboden's songs and lyrics reveal profound explorations of various topics: for example, the situation of Mediterranean refugees ("Made of Gold"), but also the view of one's own path of change and transience («Stay»), longings («Out of Range»), the comfort zone («Same Time Same Place») or dealing with low points («Back from Bottom Ground»).

In all 9 songs, a sense of hope always prevails and the realization that new worlds open up off the beaten path; if we dare to unlock the doors («Fine»). «The Bright Side Of The Edge» is a snapshot of the moment, with the unknown waiting at the edges, beckoning longingly, demanding other truths and illuminating the mysterious path to the future.

Lightnode play rock music - straightforward, real and honest. Their style is heavily influenced by 90's rock bands, sometimes recalling the energy of the Counting Crows or indie rock moments of Wilco. Occasionally, however, there are also echoes of the 60s and 70s through the distinctive organ sounds. The individual influences and musical imprints of the five musicians flow together to create their own emotional and powerful sound, sometimes softer, sometimes more powerful.


Bazooka - Kapou Allou.

The world is falling apart but Bazooka are here with their fourth album (on October 21 via Inner Ear Records, Greece). They take us by the hand on a journey to a world above the earth, a world somewhere else. With 10 songs and their stories captured via the album artwork designed by Australian artist Montero, they transport us to the dreams and nightmares of modern life. ''Kapou Allou (Somewhere Elsewhere)'' is clearly the band's most entertaining and versatile album, their own truth. 

Bazooka’s craziness and instinctive energy are still there but accompanied by a great appetite for experimentation and situations that lead the band to an absolute letting go without any restrictions. The final result is the closest a studio album can get to the band's live performing sound, making this arguably their best album to date.

This five-piece band is originally from Volos, Greece, but relocated to Athens, comprising the core of the new underground psych-rock scene along with other bands, such as Acid Baby Jesus and Komodina 3.  Since then, they have toured Europe several times and around the United States. Their music could be described as psychedelic and very raw, like garage punk with a unique sense of youth mixed with frustration vibes.


Natalie Henry - White Heat.

White Heat – A state of intense passion or activity. “White Heat” is the title and latest track lifted from Natalie Henry’s acclaimed album and is an obvious, yet yearning number.

Natalie leaves nothing uncovered as she hunts around her broken heart for scraps of unwanted evidence to find what caused her to love this way. Left with nothing but the music and a new lover’s sweat, she unravels it all, and winds it back together like a broken cassette.

If you haven’t discovered this impressive Australian singer-songwriter, immerse yourself in “White Heat” now. “White Heat” is written by Natalie Henry and superbly produced by Michael Moko and Catherine Britt.