On Hiatus

We are taking a break for a while. It's a chance to get away, think about where Beehive Candy is going, think about our next steps and the potential to change and  improve.

Or maybe we have run our course. Your opinions would be appreciated. You can leave a comment below or email us at perfectradio@btinternet.com or if you are on Twitter connect with us @perfectradio1

Either way a shortish break will do us good!

A hearty thanks to everyone who has visited us in 2022 (& years previous) and to all the artists, their record labels, PR representatives and everyone else in the loop that enables us to share such fine new music. See you all in 2023 & take good care.


swappers said…
I check in every day and although I am an old fogey (70 next birthday!) I enjoy discovering new talent and new voices you share here I would miss you sorely if you stopped! Juss sayin’

Don’t be too long eh?
Anonymous said…
Please have a good break & please keep sharing new music that another 'old fogey' loves
heartsofstone said…
Have a wonderful break. And thanks for all you do for all of us.