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Bo Milli - Margo Cilker - Montao - The Breath

Bo Milli - Come After Me. Bergen, Norway-based indie-rock starlet Bo Milli has announced her long awaited debut EP will be released this autumn and has released its latest taster, new single "Come After Me". Tipped by many to be one of the next breakout Norwegian artists, Bo Milli's new single "Come After Me" follows recent track "Making Friends" and arrives ahead of a coveted slot at Øya Festival this Saturday. Blending richly textured dream-pop with surging indie rock, Bo Milli's new single "Come After Me" is adorned with an irresistibly youthful edge. "I'm on my own / overthinking" Milli cries in the track's exhilarating chorus; punctuated by crushing guitar strums and propelled forward by a zestful rhythm section. Co-produced by Odd Martin (Sigrid, Sløtface) and co-written with Henrik Michelsen (Maisie Peters, Little Mix), "Come After Me" is again emotionally fuelled by the cold Bergen night life - a recur

Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds - Laura Groves - Ora Cogan - Echo Ladies

Photo - Mediaroid Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds - Tamagotchi Nights. Melbourne's dynamic six-piece indie pop rock outfit, Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds, are dropping a vibrant and nostalgia-driven pop anthem, 'Tamagotchi Nights', accompanied by an equally charming music video today Friday, August 11. With her debut EP, 'Summers Gone', already under her belt, the charismatic Lucy Lorenne and her band continue to grow their endearing sound as they explore new depths of sonic and lyrical maturity with this power pop anthem that takes a colourful trip down memory lane. 'Tamagotchi Nights' – co-written by Lucy Lorenne, Matt Hargreaves and Flagrant Artists producer Ben Oldland (Ūla, Ashwarya, Alley Eley, Genes, Sian Fuller) –  is a vibrant boppy number that pays homage to childhood innocence and fantasy. With an air of melancholy for the more innocent times gone by, the song captures the essence of post-millennial nostalgia. Lucy Lorenne & The Early

Tiiva - Enny Owl - Steep Canyon Rangers

Tiiva - Fireflies. Immersive and captivating, Fireflies takes shape as a love letter to London. Reflecting since they moved away from London, Tiiva shares more; Leaving the city and then looking back at how much I got from being there, how shaping and important all those challenges were, the loneliest points becoming something that made me stronger, the loves I had there and heartbreak becoming some of the best memories of my life. The nostalgia we feel for somewhere is a reminder of seeing importance and beauty in moments that at the time we don't quite understand. Going to the big city to find my identity was a beautiful awakening and I felt like I needed to write this love song to the place that helped me. The new single arrives as the follow up to Cellophane which came out back in June in collaboration with Polly Scattergood. The powerful track came as an important reminder of cherrish art and expression. Since their launch, artist and producer Tiiva has made a name for themse

Chloey Rose - Saveria

Chloey Rose - Shot You Down. Delivering powerful pop songs with a theatrical twist, Chloey Rose has been captivating audiences at major venues up and down the UK and in Europe with her dramatic, soaring vocals that have attracted comparisons to Adele and Paloma Faith. Drawing inspiration from Kate Bush and Taylor Swift, Chloey has just released brand new single ‘Shot You Down’, an edgy pop ballad full of dark sounds that could become the theme tune for the next James Bond Movie. ‘Shot You Down’ follows the story of being in an unhealthy relationship and the strength it can take to walk away. Written by Chloey Rose and produced by Aron Bicskey, the track builds from smoky late night piano atmospheres to become a powerful anthem for getting up again once you’ve been cut down, with a nod to Nancy Sinatra’s classic track ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’. As a songwriter, Rose’s debut single ‘Golden Dreams’ was released in 2016, followed by a string of singles including ‘Hearts On The Li

Stella Prince - Luluc

Stella Prince - Two Faced. Authentic and from-the-heart, Stella Prince’s melodies delve deep into your spirit with her evocative and relatable songs. Her poetic lyrics, in tandem with the atmospheric sounds of her vocals, acoustic guitar, and musical compositions, appeal to a diverse, multi-generational audience. Born and raised in Woodstock, NY, Stella, who is nearing the end of her teenage years, is now living in Nashville. Stella Prince’s musical influences span decades—from country and folk music’s renowned voices of Judy Garland, Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton; to the pop icon Taylor Swift. Think Country Press says, “Imagine the perfect mixture of Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Judy Collins all packed into one young musician.” Stella independently released her 8th single, “Two Faced,” on August 4. For this newest single, Stella had the pleasure of working with Steve Fishell, a Nashville-based pedal steel guitarist, Grammy-winning record producer, an