Another Sky - Chris Bell - Hannah Frances - Shuffalo

Another Sky have shared 'Fell In Love With The City' and announced their debut album will be released in August, the song itself is a mixture of refined indie rock and some notable vocals from Catrin Vincent. === Chris Bell has been active in the music industry for some time and now he has shared a new song entitled 'Whispering Town' which exudes both quality and heart. === Hannah Frances is a new artist from Melbourne, Australia and her first single from a forthcoming E.P is the rather special 'Wolf' which more than hints some fine new songs on are there way. === Alt rock band Shuffalo share 'Stay On Me' which is one of those tracks that stand out in a crowded musical genre.

Another Sky - Fell In Love With The City.

Another Sky have announced the release of their debut album I Slept On The Floor, due for release on August 7th via Missing Piece Records / Fiction. They have also released their brand new single “Fell In Love With The City,” by far their most ambitious and euphoric track to date.

On “Fell In Love With The City,” Catrin Vincent (vocalist / lyricist) had to say: "I hate breakup songs. I don't know why, it’s the most universal feeling. Maybe because the world has so many of them. Moving to London was a dramatic shift from small-town life where it didn’t even occur to me I could do music, where this vision of me as a housewife who never amounted to anything felt inescapable, in to a bigger world, of people from all over, of new ideas and a new version of myself.”

On the music video, which was directed by Vincent herself: “We asked if any of our fans had an old mini DV tape camera, and they came through (thanks so much Peter Kavanagh, Victoria Wai and Henry Kenyon). We tried to capture the excitement of being on the road for the first time, replicating the feeling of moving to London seven years ago. “Fell In Love With The City” is the second song we ever wrote as a band and we wanted to make a video that embodied the way you'd film a partner, but you're filming a city instead".


Chris Bell - Whispering Town.

Chris Bell has been writing and recording music since the late 90’s. Born in Dunnville, ON, his introduction onto the Canadian music landscape happened via his high school, post hardcore band Chore. They released three full length albums for Sonic Unyon Records and after extensive touring and studio time with Chore, Bell began venturing out into the solo realm releasing his first independent record, Time Between Failures, in 2001.

The formation of Alive and Living after Chore disbanded in 2004, was an even further extension of this softer, more folk oriented approach and kept Bell busy writing, recording. Alive and Living released an ep called PLO in 2004 and toured extensively in Eastern Canada. More recently Bell has been touring and recording, as the bassist, with the eastern Canadian rock band Wintersleep. Appearing on the band’s last release, In The Land Of, Bell shifted his role from the bands live sound engineer and tour manager to band member. He has worked with many prominent Canadian acts as a live sound engineer; Broken Social Scene, Stars, Basia Bulat, Arkells and the aforementioned Wintersleep to name a few.

These many projects and varying roles have led Chris to his most recent project, self-produced, Division Street. The album touches on all of Bell’s previous sensibilities while offering the most immediately accessible songwriting and multi-faceted production values to be heard in his already high quality body of work. It is the culmination of his years as a budding and driven musician/producer into a finely balanced song cycle that, while bouncing between folk rock and hard rock, coheres into a listening experience that captivates, soothes and gets the toes tapping throughout the track listing.

Having the freedom to work on the album entirely independently and free of any deadlines or technical challenges means that the listener is rewarded with multiple layers of lush vocal harmony, an eclectic range of percussive elements and, as always, Bell’s trademark guitar work making these songs impossible to forget, even after just one listen.


Hannah Frances - Wolf.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Hannah Frances, is a new name on the music scene and is now inspiring major interest thanks to her beautiful and captivating music.

“Wolf” is the first single from her forthcoming EP and showcases her melodic sound that has gotten critics and fans raving. “Wolf encompasses strong feelings associated with betrayal - we all know a wolf who wears sheep’s clothes”, says Hannah.

Hannah Frances’ music has been described as ‘a sweet and dark musical terrain that traverses folk, pop and the sounds of the singer-songwriter generation of artists who trail blazed out of Greenwich Village in the 60’s’.

Having cut her teeth in open mic nights and backyard concerts around Melbourne, Hannah has now moved her career onto support performances for local and international artists. Melbourne may be a long way from the famous New York region that spawned many musical storytellers, but its echo can be heard loud and clear in Hannah’s intoxicating blend.

Hannah cites Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey as major influences on her unique music style - which is both haunting and hypnotising – and a quality that comes with the stamp of longevity.


Shuffalo - Stay On Me.

Introduction from Shuffalo - Our new single, "Stay On Me," was inspired by the narrative of portals in iconic stories we grew up on: Chronicles of Narnia, Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

"Stay On Me" is available everywhere now, inviting you to choose your own adventure as it pulls you into another world and takes you on a journey. The song explores many important topics such as climate change, mortality salience, love, and the fight for a better tomorrow.

The mood starts off slow before it falls down the rabbit hole, two lovers (in a dangerous time) walking down a dirty alley with bursting neon and vines crawling through the cracks while nature takes back the city. The song travels with the pair as they question their past, live in the moment, and explore future challenges.