Geowulf - November Ultra - Benz - Clever Hopes

Geowulf - Open Me Up.

Following on from the triumphant ‘I’ve Been Over It’, which marked Geowulf’s reintroduction to the world and the first glimpse of a forthcoming EP, the band return with brand new single ‘Open Me Up’.

‘Open Me Up’ is a country-tinged song written in the height of Covid that bristles with raw honesty and emotion as Star opines on falling in and out of love in a strange time.

About the track Star says: “Toma and I were having a brief catch up on the phone - I showed him a melody real quick I was working on, he was like “shit yeah I love it!” and we spent next two hours on FaceTime between London & Australia finishing the song. It’s a raw song for me that tells a personal story but it’s also one of my favourites we’ve done so far.”

Geowulf are an Australian alt-pop duo based between London, UK and Noosa, Australia. Childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin dived into the dream-pop scene in 2018 with their luminous debut album ‘Great Big Blue’ featuring their breakout single ‘Saltwater’. The duo followed up with their brilliant sophomore LP ‘My Resignation’ in 2019.


November Ultra - le manège.

Often praised for her deep and warm voice, France’s November Ultra first entered people’s ears and hearts in November 2020 with the soothing DIY lullaby "Soft & Tender". Her first effort was quickly followed by the sweet and sour heartbreak anthem "Miel" and a maxi EP Honey please be soft & tender, which includes the gut-wrenching bonus track "The End." - giving us a taste of what this singer-songwriter is all about: comforting, personal, intimate and always very cinematographic bedroom pop.

Yesterday, she revealed the song “le manège” and showcases the musical roots of an artist who grew up listening to folk music, r&b and with a very obsessive Spanish grand-father addicted to 60’s musicals and Spanish copla, embracing all of it and proving the adage: "we contain multitudes".

Camila Cabello posted a video on TikTok using the song ‘’Come into my arms’’. As a singer-songwriter, she divides her time between recording studios and her DIY bedroom-studio, working for others as a topliner/songwriter (Jaden Smith, Kungs, Barbara Pravi etc) while recording, exploring and producing her own songs on Ableton.


Benz - This Could Be The End (E.P).

Ebba Salomonsson (Benz) grew up in her stepfather's record store where she explored endless different influences and styles. Benz have signed to Rama Lama Records (Melby, Wy, Chez Ali etc.) and is back with another collection of songs packed with her playful and diverse psych-tinged indie folk.

Its a sound where Benz with big confidence lets her music both be direct and breathe - creating a musical soundscape for the listener to get swept away in. The new EP 'This Could Be The End' is out now. 

Thematically, the EP treats a broken relationship. But this is not your usual romantic sad-break-up-indie, as the lyrics tell the story about breaking up with an old friend. Ebba herself has compared the EP to "six seasons of Girls, a comedy-drama in a compressed format".


Clever Hopes - Shadow Waltz.

While in Tasmania, the island was on fire, and travel was limited to a small coastal region near the capital city of Hobart. 

Andrew spent his birthday in a beautiful beach villa with a woman he'd met along the way, who was already on her way elsewhere by the time he left the island. They swam as the ash from the fire was snowing down on the beach.

"Shadow Waltz" is about that conflict you can feel when you know things are changing and you need to say goodbye to who you were without fully understanding who it is you're about to become.