Genre Wander: Enemies - War Nurse - Walpurgis Family - Desert Mountain Tribe

Enemies - Glow (feat. Louise Gaffney).

Background - Enemies will release their third and final album entitled Valuables on December 9th via Topshelf Records. Valuables documents a turbulent time for the band — intensive writing, recording and touring, coupled with a lack of shared vision, led to a decision that harmony in ending is ultimately more valuable than discord in continuing. On "Glow," the final single to be released from Valuables, Enemies provide the ethereal backing track for the haunting vocals of guest vocalist Louise Gaffney of Come On Live Long.

Formed in 2007, Enemies, an experimental/indie-rock four-piece from Kilcoole, Ireland, have spent almost a decade writing, recording and producing their own records. Having travelled the world with tours in Asia, North America and Europe, the band has continuously developed their sound, remaining incredibly distinct within Ireland’s experimental music scene. Enemies surprise their listeners with every release by constantly tweaking and perfecting their own brand of intelligent, pop-infused rock. Not content to fit neatly into any particular category or sub-genre, Enemies have continued to evolve their sound into something that goes beyond the labels of math or post-rock.

Enemies' final show will be at Dublin's Vicar Street on December 18th. Facebook here.

'Glow' reminds us of the fine music Enemies have created and the inclusion of Louise Gaffney on vocals just adds vibrancy and added beauty to the song. Far better to go out on a high than drift into obscurity.


War Nurse - Hounds.

Background - Intrusive painful memories manifest in vacancy. Flashbacks reignite traumatic internalised stimuli once lost, followed by troubled sleep, persistent bad dreams fuelled by guilt about things done or not done, social isolation, withdrawal, and alienation. Jumpiness is a static personality trait featuring startle responses, anxiety, and terminal misconduct. All are Distress Calling.

War Nurse is a union of imagined and real. Festering through psychic cracks, bracing for escape, the band brings struggle to the forefront. Tension is palpable. Rallying behind cries for power, War Nurse brings glory to your feet. Unified delivery ascending and rupturing with no pause. There is no competition, there is no copy, the copy is the dream.

Existing only in planes, embassies of the common, War Nurse is of no fixed address, of no nation, of no material world. A product of Psychic Wounds. A product of Distress Calling. Clarity is illusory, War Nurse defeats illusory, makes meaning of simplicity, reinvents nothing, imagines everything. Together we are a constellation.

The six-song EP is out now on Automatic Memory, Website here. Bandcamp here.

From the new EP 'Distress Calling' we feature the second of six tracks 'Hounds'. War Nurse deliver a powerful wall of sound, where the message in the lyrics is reinforced by the sheer energy of a thundering rock machine. Passionate and determined music, that most definitely blows the cobwebs away. 


Walpurgis Family - Professor Panda.

Background - We are Walpurgis Family. We live in Dublin, and have been committing musical mischief since 2008. After a hiatus of a few years, we’re proud to release our full length album Live Your Life Around It. This will be our third album, and is the follow-up to our well received album Dawn (2012). This 10-track collection is a journey through emotions, featuring lots of melodic layering, fuzz guitars, cheeky riffs and soft spoken vocals. Live Your Life Around It is an eclectic, energetic and upbeat roller coaster trip through various scenes, all centred around the theme of how mental health is absorbed into everyday life.

The album was recorded by Mark Chester (Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Lie Ins, No Monster Club, Paddy Hanna band) in the Pop Inn off Capel Street, Dublin and in various houses. All this will be released on CD in beautiful handmade packaging with a die-cut outer sleeve.

We’re having a release party at 8pm on November 26th in the Workman’s Club, Dublin along with our Popical friends Cryboys & Conor O’Toole. The album will be available for download and streamed from Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc., and can be bought on CD from Bandcamp and at selected record stores.

Walpurgis Family are Jeroen Saegeman (guitars, vocals / Groom), Wil McDermott (bass / Groom), Ruan Van Vliet (drums / Groom, Squarehead, Ginnels, Cryboys), Jonny Fun (keys / the … Hesitations, Cave Ghosts, Yeh Deadlies). On Live Your Life Around It we received a helping hand from Neassa Doherty (vocals / Capitol Trid, The Terribles, You Kiss By the Book) and Mark Chester (guitars, recording, mastering). Facebook here.

The second of ten beautifully refined songs on the new 'Live Your Life Around It' album and 'Professor Panda' is a taste of the bands fabulous sound. Predominately upbeat, and lyrically smart, this is my first listen to the band, pretty much ensuring the previous material is now on the must listen list.


Desert Mountain Tribe - Take A Ride.

Background - London-based psych-rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe unveil the visuals for their upcoming new single ‘Take A Ride’, set for release on 9th December via Membran Entertainment Group.

The video features a chapter from the 1962 cult shockumentary ‘Mondo Cane’. The unconventional, provocative and controversial footage presents taboo subjects in such a way that they would get past the censors and it consists of a series of travelogue vignettes including a dark but entertaining section on pre Beatles’ Reeperbahn area of Hamburg, considered a magnet for those seeking pleasure and distraction from the cares of life.

“Since we are partly German we felt an instant connection to those scenes,” the band explains, “the intimacy of the footage shows the true and raw emotions of people captured by the film makers and conveys an image of purity and innocence in a chaotic and brutally appearing surroundings.”

The cosmopolitan trio formed by Jonty Balls from South London on guitar and vocals and German brothers Felix and Philipp Jahn, on drums and bass respectively, feel there is perhaps a connection between the murky world of mondo movies and the current political situation “not unlike our recent times with Brexit – something close to our hearts as two of us are from mainland Europe living in London - and Trump as a new president in the US. We feel that people want to be able to forget these things for a night and just live. As the song plays with these contradicting spectrums of life, the scenes chosen for the video underline those values and attentions of the song.”

Having recently notched up memorable live performances on their successful European tour; including sell-out shows in London and Rotterdam and recent standout performances at Rockaway Beach and Hackney Wonderland Festival. With their US tour seeing the group support artists like Toy, The Wytches, Damo Suzuki and Ringo Deathstarr - the threepiece has become a formidable and renowned international live act. Facebook here.

Tour Dates:
18/11/16 - Electrowerkz, London
19/11/16 - Wightman Theatre, Shrewsbury
24/11/16 - Brudenhall Social Club, Leeds
25/11/16 - The Picturedrome, Holmfirth
26/11/16 - The Engine Shed, Lincoln
08/12/16 - The Assembly, Leamington Spa
09/12/16 - Central Station, Wrexham.

'Take A Ride' is a blissful piece of full on psych rock, which benefits from the powerful and expansive sounds that rock trio's seem born to create. The video could well double as a reminder for those with alcohol issues, that staying dry has an awful lot of plus points.