Girlschool - Cologne - Germany 1991

When featuring the Go Go's recently, I came across the fact that Kathy Valentine had for a short while been a member of Girlschool.

A small piece of trivia, that gives a tenuous link to sharing a Girlschool concert.

The make you feel old fact, is that Girlschool have been around for thirty years, as of this year.

This is only part of a concert from 1991, the band have released three official live albums, more details on their website's discography HERE.

Performing at Music Hall, Cologne, Germany during December 1991, this is brimming with their usual live energy.

The setlist for this recording is:

1. Uh, All Night
2. Screamin' Blue Murder
3. Demolition Boys
4. C'mon Let's Go
5. Emergency
6. Tush
7. Play With Fire

This is from a stereo FM recording of very good quality.


Official web pages HERE, shop page HERE and MySpace HERE.


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