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The story goes thus for Harts - laying all the instruments, writing all the songs and even recording and producing everything single handedly, the Aussie "one-man music making machine", virtuoso guitarist, songwriter & producer, Darren Hart has been hard at work recording and producing a brand new EP, titled 'Breakthrough'. He's touring Australia & New Zealand in June & July, listen to the featured track below and go buy some tickets - exceptional 70's rock is now in safe young hands & funk has won a reprieve, marvellous music!


The low down for Ambassadeurs - 'Breathe' (feat. Folly Rae) is the next track to be unveiled from ‘Patterns’, the debut album from the much-championed UK electronica artist, Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson). The 12 track release will be available to download from 29 June on his own Lost Tribe Records imprint, preceded by a Spotify ‘First Listen’ from 1 June. ‘Looking At You’ will be released as a single on 10 July. Electronica seems to mean different things to different folk however from what we receive at Beehive Candy, I think it fair to say it's a crowded market. So to say Ambassadeurs is a stand out act hopefully emphasises just how impressed we are with this music.


We have been informed that 'Aussie folk pop singer/songwriter Meg Sampson is stoked to be doing what she does'. Now listen up Australia! You keep sending us great music and that's fine, but don't start getting clever and using your own slang, otherwise it will be 'up the apple and pears to Bedfordshire' for all our Cockney fans and then what? OK for us sensitive people from the other side of the planet 'stoked' I am informed means 'to be quite happy with'. Now everyone calm down there is no need to get cranky or crook. As regards Meg Sampson, she is heaps stella! Music please...


Whilst we allow Australia to ride rampantly here on 'Quality Not Quantity' we might as well address Mia Milan who has been crafting her skills in Europe as the following confirms - Australian Pop artist Mia Milan: if you haven’t heard of her- you soon will! She’s been singing, recording & writing all throughout Europe for the last few years defining her unique pop style! What hits you about her music is her solid nod to retro, her ‘young girl out in the world’ lyrics and her powerful pop sound. Mia Milan is well on her way to setting her own benchmark of cool on the global pop scene and wraps it all up with her pop star quality of the new generation.

Reality is, we all come from Earth, it's a messed up place, however sometimes a breath of musical
'fresh air' does us all good and fine old 'pop' music is often just the remedy! This is a worthy example of the finest of pop with a quirky lilt, enjoy.


Finally a few words about Turtle - Glaswegian producer and songwriter Jon Cooper aka Turtle is excited to share a brand new video for his single 'The Floor', taken from his second EP 'Colours' - out now on Beatnik Creative. ‘The Floor’ opens the five track EP in style, introducing Turtle’s distinctive vocals over alluring guitar hooks and rising, dreamlike synths. Constantly building, emerging beats propel the track to a motorik climax with Cooper’s vocals enveloping within blissful sounds and rhythm.

It's a fine piece of music to say the least, so we are more than happy to share the video. The audio tracks follow, give the guy your support, this is an excellent E.P.


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