David Bowie - Diamond Dogs Tour - Live 1974

This particular bootleg is known as - David Bowie - Strange Fascination 74. This is one of the few high quality recordings of the Diamond Dogs Tour of 1974.

This one was recorded at The Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on the 5th of September 1974.

Not much in the way of information for this gig, I am guessing it was an FM broadcast, very listenable throughout.

Sound quality: Very Good

Set List:

03-Rebel Rebel
04-Moonage Daydream
05-Sweet Thing
07-Suffragette City
08-Alladin Sane
09-All The Young Dudes
10-Cracked Actor
11-Rock n`roll with Me

01-Knock On Wood
02-It`s Gonna Be Me
03-Space Oddity
04-Diamond Dogs
05-Big Brother
07-The Jean Genie
08-Rock`n`Roll Suicide
09-John I`m Only Dancing
10-Voice Of Promoter

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Anonymous said…
thanx a ton for this gem of a post your efforts are greatly appreciated!
. said…
So good damn work for this post, dude!!
thanks from brasil!!
i'd love a good quality bitrate of the SM Bowie show. Mine's not so great...

thanks for the great music

Ashley Plath said…
thanks! yeah, the SM show would be lurvly.
Anonymous said…
reading a good autobiography ian hunter's book from around this time - recommend it - where bowie figures a lot.. interesting watching the whole mainman enterprise shamble about the u.s... checking all the pawn shops in every city they stop.. thanks for this by the way.. superstuff!! ronnie
Anonymous said…
Hi there! Love the Bowie show's, keep them coming :) Julian.
Anonymous said…
Wham Bam, More Man!
esp' 1974

love on ya....
max1major said…
thanks for the share. Always liked this period Bowie
Dataman said…
Thanks for a great concert. I would also recommend Cygnet's excellent Bowie Boot site:
http://alivereview.proboards.com/index.cgi. He has several nearly complete tours, chronologically.
Unknown said…
Unfortunately, WinZip wouldn't download the file as most of the file was either corrupted or invalid.
Beehive Candy said…
New Download Link:


Password: 201602-001

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