David Bowie - Montreal Canada - 1983

David Bowie played the Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, on the 07/12/1983, part of the Serious Moonlight world tour.

Described as the early and late shows, this was in fact one performance with a twenty minute intermission in the middle.

Band line up:

David Bowie - vocals, guitar
David LeBott - keyboards
Lenny Pickett - saxophone
Stan Harrison - baritone sax
Steve Elson - tenor sax
Carlos Alomar - guitar
Earl Slick - lead guitar
Carmen Rojas - bass
Tony Thompson - drums
Joyce and Kevin Simms - backing vocals

This was a much recovered David Bowie, with Berlin and his well known cocaine problems behind him, and a superb band supporting him.

The tour was a mix of the more commercial 'Berlin era' music, some of his greatest hits, and the then current, Nile Rodgers produced Lets Dance album.

The early show on this occasion consisted of:

Look Back In Anger 3:17
Breaking Glass 2:56
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 3:32
Rebel Rebel 2:27
Heroes 5:05
What In The World 3:59
Life On Mars? 4:07
Sorrow 2:49
Golden Years 3:38
Fashion 2:51
Let's Dance 4:44
Red Sails 3:37
China Girl 5:16
White Light / White Heat 5:47

The late show was as follows:

Station To Station 9:00
Cracked Actor 3:23
Ashes To Ashes 3:41
Space Oddity 5:16
Band Introduction 1:37
Young Americans 5:33
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 4:14
TVC 15 3:53
Fame 4:58
Star 2:37
Stay 9:01
The Jean Genie 7:01
I Can't Explain 2:48
Modern Love 4:24

The sound recording is excellent and professional in quality.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks! Always love a Bowie boot!
Anonymous said…
definitely, good show.. think i saw it in t.o., wasn't too impressed at the time.. girl i was with was timelessly commanding most of my attention.. and did doubly thereafter.. just seeing bowie was enuf.. thanks for the memories.. allie
Anonymous said…
Great show from a great tour. Thanks. The quality is really good too.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Saw this tour, but in Perth Western Australia. Great to have to preserved and listenable again.
Beehive Candy said…
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ctkha1nyqta8ym2/RLDBM83-0715.7z

Password: backup@15-007

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