Spooky Tooth - Grugahalle, Essen 1969

Originally there was 'The Art', led by Mike Harrison on vocals and Luther Grosvenor on guitar. They then met American keyboardist Gary Wright and changed name to Spooky Tooth.

They first recorded It's All About (Island, 1968). For those who look for the roots of progressive rock, and the harder edged likes of Led Zeppelin, your starting place could well be Spooky Tooth.

Spooky Two (1969) delivered a mixture of heavy blues with guitar and organ both to the fore, and some more AOR sounding material. Both albums are worth checking out, or one of the 'best of' collections.

This is a recording of the band live in 1969 at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany.

Set List:

01 - Something To Say
02 - I Am The Walrus
03 - The Wrong Time
04 - I Wanna Be Free
05 - Son Of Your Father
06 - Better By You, Better Than Me
07 - Alone
08 - Soulful Lady

When it comes to Beatles covers, I would personally say that their version of 'I Am The Walrus' is outstanding, the studio version is a must have.

The concert recording is soundboard stereo quality, excellent in other words, not bad considering it's 41 years old!

Replacement link in comments below or click on the picture (4th January 2010).

You can check out sensibly priced Spooky Tooth Cd's HERE.


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And you Mike, really thanks for sharing these rarities!
By the way, could you include some covers, please?
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