Humble Pie - Live USA Tour 1981

I try and share really good quality boots, (unless the material is very collectible) I am really pleased with the sheer audio quality of this one.

This particular bootleg, is mainly known as Route 66, live in LA and PA.

Humble Pie originally formed in 1969, and had a large and loyal fan base right through to calling it a day in 1975.

In 1980 founder Steve Marriott revived Humble Pie with former drummer Jerry Shirley, adding Bob Tench (from Jeff Beck Group) on guitar and Anthony "Sooty" Jones on bass.

Two albums were released 'On To Victory', and 'Go For The Throat', however the 'second' Humble Pie called it a day by 1982.

The tour(s) supporting these two albums became known as the 'Route 66' era, and despite the short lived reformation, the band were really good in concert, probably because Humble Pie were always a live band first.

This is Humble Pie - Route Sixty Six.

01 ~ I Don't Need No Doctor (10:01)
02 ~ Infatuation (5:23)
03 ~ 30 Days In The Hole (9:45)
04 ~ Tin Soldier (4:32)
05 ~ Fool For A Pretty Face (5:47)
06 ~ Route 66 (6:34)
07 ~ Bebop A Lula (2:22)
08 ~ Tulsa Time (3:20)
09 ~ Four Day Creep (3:18)
10 ~ Stone Cold Fever (8:53)
11 ~ C'mon Everybody (6:31)

The sound quality is full stereo soundboard (excellent quality), the band really on form!

(click on the links to download)

Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live.rar

Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live - part two.rar

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Humble Pie ~ Route 66 Live in

Thanks - Mike
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Anonymous said…
Looking forward to hearing this!

I tried to download soon after first seeing notice of this posting on TotallyFuzzy. Even after several tries, Mediafire would not start the download for part one. Perhaps it is temporary.

Part two downloaded OK.

Part 1 is fixed. Thanks for the post. Great live concert.
KCrimson said…
this is down,sadly :/
KCrimson said…

must learn to scroll down before lamenting :P