Whats Up Doc? - Second Helping

Time for another bout of Whats Up Doc? Plenty of very good new music, some brand spanking new, some recent.

Not long now before the record industry starts the season of inevitably dodgy repackaged compilations...

So whats on my play list right now? Lets start with the new album from Siouxsie namely 'Mantaray'. If you like anything by the Banshees, or The Creatures, it's a must to check out. Have a listen to:

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Siouxsie - Into a Swan (radio edit).mp3

Official site and more info HERE.

Radiohead have announced the release of a new album - 'In Rainbows', as I am sure all their fans already know. For full details go to their site HERE. Two options, one - pre-order to download the single album, you choose the amount you want to pay, and two - order the comprehensive Cd & vinyl package, that will be dispatched in December.

Some of the songs from the new album were played on their tour last year. Whether they are like the finished article, will become clear soon. The following are live versions of the first three tracks on the new album:

Radiohead - 15 Step (Live 6.04.06).mp3

Radiohead - Bodysnatchers (Live 8.26.06).mp3

Radiohead - Nude (Live 8.17.06).mp3

Tegan and Sara, are in my opinion absolutely wonderful. From Canada Tegan and Sara are identical twins, and have also been very busy producing excellent music in recent years. From their most recent album 'The Con' here are a couple of tracks:

Tegan and Sara - 03 The Con.mp3
Tegan and Sara - Like O, Like H.mp3

Visit their site to find out more and buy this superb album HERE.

Richard Lloyd perhaps known to many as the guitarist in Television, (whose album 'Marquee Moon' has to be towards the top of my all time favorite list), is releasing a new album this month.

It's called 'The Radiant Monkey' and to quote Richard - "I feel by far that it is the best record I have ever made short of being involved in the making of Marquee Moon".

Check out: Richard Lloyd - Monkey.mp3

More details and release schedules HERE.

Annie Lennox has just released 'Songs Of Mass Destruction', which is a really good album, with a full range of musical styles, and her voice as powerful and classy as ever.

From the album (released October 1st):

Annie Lennox - Dark Road.mp3

Annie Lennox - Love is Blind.mp3

Annie's new(ish) website and purchase options HERE.

Bruce Springsteen has a new album out today (Wednesday 3rd) called 'Magic', and do you know what? I think I am going to have to get hold of a copy!

It's Bruce's fifteenth studio album, and it sounds like a gem. He is back with The E Street Band, and to give you an idea of what I am rambling on about check out these to songs from 'Magic'.

Bruce Springsteen - Livin' In The Future.mp3

Bruce Springsteen - Terry's Song.mp3

Here for more details etc.

Babyshambles new album was released in the UK on Monday. I think it's out elsewhere later this month.

I personally hope Pete Doherty gets over his addiction problems, it detracts from the music, and I cant think of anyone more boring than your average 'coke head'.

If only the abject misery of so many millions of people in lands where cocaine & opium are produced, could be transferred to the users for a month or two, maybe then, the message would get through?

Anyway off of my soapbox, the new Babyshambles album 'Shotters Nation', is like alot of his and their material, actually quite good. I like the rough and ready, and at times quite lose sound, and the mistakes are surely a little bit rock'n'roll anyway. Here are three songs from the new album:

Babyshambles - Unstookie Titled.mp3

Babyshambles - Baddies Boogie.mp3

Babyshambles - Carry On Up The Morning.mp3

Heres a link to the official website where at the time of posting this, no details of the new album are available - now that's a shambles.

And finally as it is now October, here's a song to remind us all of last month !

Frank Sinatra - September Song.mp3

Just fancied some Frank Sinatra - that's all for now folks...


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