Sheryl Crow - Austin City Limits 1997

First aired in 1976, Austin City Limits has become American television's longest-running concert music program.

The program is taped live by PBS (public broadcast) member station KLRU on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Images of Austin, Texas, the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World," are seen in the opening credits. ACL's set also features a mock skyline of Austin.

The show inspired the Austin City Limits Music Festival, an annual live music festival at Zilker Park in Austin.

This is the soundtrack to Sheryl Crow's performance on, January 31st, 1997, at Austin City limits, Austin, Texas.

Set list is:

1. Every Day is a Winding Road
2. Hard to Make a Stand
3. Leaving Las Vegas
4. A Change
5. Run, Baby, Run
6. If It Makes You Happy
7. Redemption Day
8. Strong Enough
9. Sweet Rosalyn
10. I Shall Believe

This is a stereo soundtrack copy - and is a high quality recording. It is also a really good show!

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A selection of Sheryl Crow CD's can be purchased HERE.


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