Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Paris, France - 1998

This is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds performing live for the Black Session, a radio show broadcast on France Inter (French radio station) on this occasion recorded at Le Reservoir, Paris, France, back on the 19th May 1998, with a studio/location audience.

Source: Live 'Black Session' recorded for France Inter in Paris, re-broadcast on the 30th May 2006.

Sound Quality: Very good FM stereo @192kbps mp3.

Genre: Alternative rock, post-punk, roots rock, and above all, Nick Cave with one of the best bands to surface in Australia.

Set: This is the full Le Reservoir live session.

Set List:

01 Lime Tree Arbour
02 Let Love In
03 Stranger Than Kindness
04 Red Right Hand
05 Nobody's Baby Now
06 Do You Love Me (Pt 1)
07 Into My Arms
08 The Ship Song
09 The Mercy Seat
10 Brompton Oratory (Encore).

Links: Official My Space site HERE.

Comments: This is very good audio quality, that demonstrates just how good Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are live.

I have collected most of their releases, (I am an unashamed fan of their music), and to the left of me right now, are a couple of boxed sets of their material, to my right most of the individual CD releases (I kid you not).

It's strange but when I really like an artist or band, I think quite seriously as to whether I should share the material, not particularly selfishly, more along the lines, does it do them justice, will it be deleted by their label, does the band object to bootlegs and so on, at the end of the day we are all just human.

Looking at their official site & the fact they catalogue known bootleg releases hopefully this is not the case with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

On this occasion, the Black Session host Bernard Lenoir, who for this re-broadcast had his comments added some eight years after the original performance, has been edited out.

Download link in comments below, or click on the picture above.

Purchase: MP3's (DRM free) through Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


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