The Tubes - New York, USA, 1981

This is the second live recording of The Tubes featured on Beehive Candy, this one from 1981, on this occasion
live at The Palladium, New York City, USA.

This concert was also circulated on a promo disc (radio transcription vinyl album) at the time.

A bootleg version called Shocker has also circulated. I think based on the quality of this recording it is from an off air FM recording.

Source: King Biscuit Flower Hour recording (not currently available within Wolfgangs Vault).

Sound Quality: Good stereo (FM source) mp3 @128kbps.

Genre: Rock, from Pop Rock to New Wave.

Set: One hour of concert (some other songs probably edited out).

Set List:

1. Overture - Matter of Pride
2. Think About Me
3. Mr. Hate
4. Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman
5. Smoke
6. Mondo Bondage
7. Don’t Want To Wait Anymore
8. Sushi Girl
9. Talk To Ya Later
10. White Punks On Dope


Rick Anderson - bass
Michael Cotton - synthesizers
Prairie Prince - drums
Bill Spooner - guitar, vocals
Roger Steen - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Re Styles - vocals
Fee Waybill - lead vocals
Vince Welnick - keyboards

The Completion Backward tour also featured:
Shelly Pang, Cheryl Hangland, and Cynthia Rhodes.

Links: Official Site HERE. Wolfgangs Vault HERE.

Comments: The Tubes shows were expensive to produce, and while they earned the band a reputation for being one of the most entertaining live acts of all time, by the early 1980s, they found themselves short of money.

Their proposed fifth album, the self produced Suffer for Sound, was rejected by A&M Records, who dumped the band instead, finishing out its contract with the oddities collection T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities and Smash Hits).

The band then signed to Capitol Records, scaling back the live shows and redesigning itself as a strait laced rock band, teaming with producer David Foster.

The Completion Backward Principle (1981), another concept album, featuring the classic rock staple "Talk to Ya Later", and presented itself as a motivational business document, complete with shocking pictures of the band members cleaned up and wearing suits.

The band also had their first Top 40 hit in the United States in 1981 with a serious ballad, "Don't Want to Wait Anymore".

Both songs feature in this concert recording.

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