The Specials - USA 1980

This is The Specials live in concert back in January 1980 at Hurrah's, NYC.

The Specials began at the same time as Rock Against Racism which first gathered in 1978. According to Jerry Dammers, anti-racism was intrinsic to the formation of The Specials, in that the band was formed with the goal of integrating black and white people.

2009 has seen the band undertake a 30th anniversary tour (minus Jerry Dammers, however Terry Hall has stated 'the door remains open to him'). The tour has been very well received, their performance on BBC's 'Later With Jools Holland' can be seen on You Tube HERE.

This concert takes us back three decades to a much younger band.

Source: FM Broadcast

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps.

Genre: 2 Tone, Ska, New Wave.

Set: Majority of set

Track List:

01 Monkey Man
02 Rat Race
03 Blank Expression
04 Rude Boys Outa Jail
05 Too Hot
06 Doesn't Make It Alright
07 Stupid Marriage
08 Too Much Too Young
09 A Message To You Rudy
10 Gangsters

Band Line Up:

* Terry Hall - vocals
* Jerry Dammers - keyboards
* Lynval Golding - rhythm guitar, vocals
* Neville Staple - toasting, backing vocals, percussion
* Roddy Byers - lead guitar
* Horace Panter bass guitar
* John Bradbury - drums
* Rico Rodriguez - trombone
* Dick Cuthell - flugel horn

Links: Official site HERE.


The Specials undertook a three week tour of the USA back in January 1980. On some of the gigs they opened for The Police and whipped the crowds up so much they just had to steal the show.

Jerry Dammers was keen for the band not to travel in Limos or stay in flashy hotels, I have read elsewhere that the tour manager was sent ahead on some occasions to ensure their accommodation was not too good !

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