2010FM - July Edition One

OK we have another bumper selection of new music to recommend this month so lets start with ten of the best.

The Rattles bring us some perfect summer power pop with the featured tune 'Wavy Lane'.

We are told 'Hailing straight from the swamps of Central Jersey, an eclectic band of anthropomorphic critters known as The Rattles are preparing to roll out their debut studio album ‘Rattle On’. Working in the classic traditions of The Beatles, Moxy Fruvous, The Monkees, and They Might Be Giants, The Rattles apply a fresh fusion of classic rock and power pop that is sure to appeal to fans of all ages and put them on the map'.

Well if this song is anything to go by I reckon the above might be right, get your summer clothes on and head for the beach with The Rattles providing the soundtrack.

Featured Track: Wavy Lane.
Website: Official.

We are always on the look out for artists with new ideas and direction and Clare Burson provides us with just that.

Her album 'Silver and Ash' is due out on September 14th. The background to this new album is described as follows -  'Silver and Ash' is a concept album that imagines Burson’s maternal grandmother's life in Europe, from before her birth in 1919 to her escape from Germany in 1938.  

It also explores Burson’s own struggles with rupture, silence, guilt, empathy, and continuity. For the project, funded by a stipend from a prestigious Six Points Fellowship, Burson visited her childhood home in Memphis, Tennessee, where she interviewed her grandmothers, and ventured to the homes of her ancestors in Germany, Latvia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Musically Clare describes her approach “I’ve always leaned towards poetic simplicity and subtlety in my music—wanting to express as much as I can with the fewest possible words and musical flourishes.”

Well going on the strength of the following track this will be another album on our 'must have list' for 2010. This is somewhere within folk and indie with enough personal style and credibility to listen to again and again...

Featured Track: I Will/With You.
Website: MySpace.

We received a copy of the self titled One Happy Island album a couple of weeks ago, and having just got around to listening are of the mind that they deserve a big open and honest plug from the Beehive. This is yet another band and album that is just right for the summer, that said lets hope they stay around for the winter months as well!

Some background - One Happy Island is an indie-pop band from Boston, Mass, USA. They write pretty good songs and then bang them out on an electric ukulele, a rudimentary drum kit, and a hollow-body guitar that won't stay in tune. They've released three EPs and now a full-length album and have toured extensively in the US and the UK. The band's influences include the Lucksmiths and the Even Dozen Jug Band.

The band formed in spring of 2007, One Happy Island is a ramshackle indie-pop mini-orchestra disciplined enough to keep it together most of the time, and honest enough to just let it all fall apart when the moment warrants.  Their evolving arsenal includes bittersweet songs, awkward banter, jangly guitars, shaky trumpet, tiny percussion instruments, rough-hewed boy/girl harmonies, and a palpable sense of joy.

We say check them out this is an excellent album that we love.

Featured Track: Kudzu Girlfriend.
Website: Official. MySpace.

Living Days are a new romantic pop group from Brooklyn, New York.

Their bio tells us that - The five love terrorists love each other dearly and include former members of Matisyahu, Coco Rosie, Lee Scratch Perry, and sci fi thrash band AQUI. Their unpredictable frontwoman, Stephonik Youth, is an underground legendary performer. Venus magazine writes, "Stephonik is of a reckless charisma, a dizzying combination of swaggering bravado and heart-wrenching emotion." They have completed a full length album called "Make Out Room" produced by Matt Boynton (The Butthole Surfers, Gang Gang Dance, The Lemonheads, MGMT).

OK lots of names there and we can add another endorsement as follows - “And then there's this singer called Stephonik Youth. She's so amazing. She literally, (sic) I think she's the most amazing artist I've ever seen. And her voice is incredible”. - Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) for Pitchfork.

Well I might not have had the chance to see them live as yet (seen Bat For Lashes though) but listening to some of the album I am facinated by Living Days, this is wonderful stuff - you will not be able to keep still so feel free to leap about as you listen. It's a little like listening to a female fronted version of The Cure, with treble the energy!

Featured Track: Lets Kiss.
Website: MySpace.

Megan McCormick is releasing her debut record, 'Honest Words' on August 17th through Ryko Music.

Megan was bought up amongst music as her press release states - “Everyone in the family played… so I’ve always been around great music,” says the dark-headed young woman with the glint in her eye.  Her parents played too, though not professionally.  Her mother was a country singer while her father was more of a rock & roller. “It was never about the glamour, but the grits, you know? Because I’d be doing this whether people listened or not. It’s how I’ve chosen to live… It’s a necessity, not an option".

Listening to the featured song 'Things Change' I guess the strong musical background is clear, plus Megan has a quality and maturity that stands out, no wonder the press release mentions her being only 23 years old, on a number of occaisions. Influences include Bonnie Raitt and Steely Dan however this is great music in it's own right.

Featured Track: Things Change.
Website: MySpace.

not an Airplane tends to dodge the labels of country and bluegrass as their take on traditional music is stepped with songwriting that matured in the atmosphere of contemporary folk. The band takes their lyrically strong, modern songs and uses thick three part vocal harmonies and other traditional influences and instrumentation to propel them forward into a sound all their own.

Nick Shattel formed not an Airplane in his hometown of Syracuse, NY as a project to showcase his songwriting. After moving to Northern California and shortly after their release of the 2008 EP that Shattel began discussions with Jared Neilson (vocals, upright bass) about abandoning their alt-country roots and developing a new sound in new ways. The addition of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Edward Harris (vocals, guitar, banjo, dobro) and Chris Haupt (drums) gave not an Airplane a breath of fresh new life as well as a creative balance. not an Airplane released Things and People in the early Spring of 2010.

The band are touring the Pacific North West through to September and we highly recommend catching up with them (tour dates on their MySpace site).

Featured Track: Trains.
Website: MySpace.

Donny Hue and the Colors sent Beehive Candy and by the looks of it a good number of other people, the ultimate minimalist message which read:
Starting now and continuing for the next few months, go to donnyhue.com for free, weekly e-singles (with A and B side).

So we did & reckon you might want to do the very same yourselves. We have included one song here and some links below which include other bands some of the members play in - all good stuff!

Featured Track: Wedding Chairs I Said.
Website: Donny Hue and the Colors. Olivia Mancini. The Shrouded Strangers.

KCRW (yep the home of Morning Becomes Eclectic) seem rather keen on Saint Motel and having listened I would add with good reason.

A few days back they performed at The Hammer Museum courtyard to open the “Summer Nights” free concert series hosted by KCRW. We can add to that Saint Motel’s EP ForPlay is out now with a full length in the works. The band’s wildly creative videos are all self-conceptualized, produced, and directed from start to finish. One exists for each song on the EP. KCRW will feature Saint Motel with a special Morning Becomes Eclectic session in September (dont forget you can listen online). More music thats suits my summer mood today and need I say, another band we reckon you may well hear more from.

Featured Track: Dear Dictator (Sam Sparro Remix).
Website: MySpace.

Another brief and to the point message was received last Thursday regarding Brother Tiger. It included  a copy of the track 'Vision Tunnels' off of the EP of the same name.

So lets be brief and to the point, this is a wonderful piece of music that kinda chills in a calming way without knocking me out of my summer day mood. These songs have been around since the spring (what is my obsession with seasons today?) so lets hope it's not to long before we can enjoy some more!

Featured Track: Vision Tunnels.
Website: MySpace.

Second Dan I am reliably informed have a reputation for fiery live shows, so if you are in New York keep an eye out for them (they are appearing at the Rockwood Music Hall on Friday July 23rd and there is free entry!).

Second Dan's lead singer Dan Rosen grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and Adam Wolfe Lerner is a born and raised New Yorker, who leads muscle and a touch of genius on guitar. On drums, Sonny Ratcliffe goes from a whirlwind to a windchime, sometimes in the same song. Hailing from Virginia, he adds a Southern charm to the band.

Musically they have a really strong definative sound that can rock a small hot nightclub or equally fill a stadium. There are comparisons drawn by others from Elvis Costello to Oasis via Radiohead. I would add simply that whilst those may be true the real spark in this band is natural passion that comes through in both more gentle numbers to fiesty rock songs. Last but definately not least on this 2010FM round up - check them out!

Featured Track: Today.
Website: Official.

Featured Tracks: