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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Live in Austria 2009

This the The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain in concert at the Glatt & Verkehrt Festival, Winzer Krems, Krems, Austria on the 26th July 2009.  The superb musicianship along with thier unique take on so many famous songs across different genres along with the humour, make this a definate must have for all fans, and a great reminder for anyone who has seen them at festivals or on tour. If The UOOGB are new to you then in my opinion this is one download worth the time checking out. This recording has had any radio announcements edited out and on occaision this is noticeable between songs however does not distract at all, and the banter from the band remains intact. Source: FM Stereo Broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps. Genre: Unique take on rock to pop to country and on... Set: Full Set. Set List: 01  Intro 02  Running Wild 03  Born To Be Wild 04  Miserlou 05  Life On Mars - My Way - For Once In My Life - Born Free - Substitute 0

Peter Frampton - Record Plant 1975

It is worth going over the history regarding this Peter Frampton recording. The show was was performed at San Francisco's Record Plant studios on the 24th March 1975 without any audience which does give a 'session' feel to the material. It was originally broadcast on KSAN-FM's Live From The Record Plant concert series in 1975. Peter Frampton had little commercial success with his early albums. This changed with Frampton's breakthrough best-selling live album, Frampton Comes Alive!, in 1976. As a result bootleg versions of the KSAN show began to appear. A limited edition CD release was remastered from the original master tapes by Suha Gur in 2004. Peter Frampton himself was  involved in the project and 5000 copies were made. These often change hands for in excess of $100 (USA). Source: KSAN radio broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Rock. Set: Full Set. Set List: 01 - Introduction 0:21 02 - Wind Of Change 2:59

2010FM March Mega Finale (Four).

The last round up of new music for March and there is plenty of diverse music, that hopefully will have something that appeals to your ears. I really do intend to fly through this addition so in no order at all here we go... Starting with the wonderful My Education who have a new album coming out on the 27th April 2010 called 'Sunrise'. Word is, it is absolutely their best album to date and really shows the band expanding their compositional talents.Well having listened to the track featured below I will personally be after more from them, the musicianship and atmospheric build are spot on for me. Listen: 'Oars' Website: Official .  Previous Release: Bad Vibrations . _________________________ Keepaway are from Brooklyn and signed to Lefse Records and have an EP coming out on the 18th May 2010 entitled 'Baby Style'. A vibrant sounding indie band that have a stand out sound in the crowded indie market place, There is enough thats unique about