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The Move - Sounds Of The BBC

This is The Move with a mixture of BBC sessions music recorded from 1967 to 1970. Not to be confused with the official 1998 release (The Move - The BBC Sessions - Strange Fruit UK records) , this material is different and in fairness of lower quality. Whilst we do not know for certain, the probabilty is a good portion of this BBC material was recorded 'off air' from BBC Radio One, that at the time was on AM. Some clearly is studio master, and even the 'AM' element conjours up memories of listening to 1960's 'medium wave' radio stations. It is therefore reasonable to speculate that the originals of this material never made it to BBC transcription disc, or the record label had more than enough material for the 1998 (single CD) album release. Whatever the case this remains another fine 'time capsule' from one of Englands finest and most consistent bands of the 1960's. Source: BBC Radio and TV-Byen Sound Quality: Highly list

2010FM - August Edition Two

We are struggling to keep up with all the new music coming our way again at the moment, so this is another batch of what we really like right now, with more planned to follow soon. For speed, where we think it's appropriate we have shamelessly copied and pasted from the accompanying publicity material. New York's maestro of shadowy lounge tinged pop Rich Bennett is back with a follow up to his stunning 2008 album Music for Underwater Supermarkets. Influenced by the classic exotica of Martin Denny, the aching folk-pop of Fleet Foxes, and the conceptual sweep of The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle, Bennett's latest work On Holiday  is brimming with subtly dark, breezy melodies and the buoyant vocals of both Bennett and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Pronsky. From the gorgeous "ride on top a pop cloud" single ‘Misty Valley’ to the delicious minor key melancholy of  ‘Night Part 2’, On Holiday is as intoxicating as it is playful. The album is out now through A