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Kristin Hersh - Live in New York 2007 (Internet Archive)

Internet Archive Replacement - We only tend to feature audience sourced recordings that are rare, collectors items, or very good in terms of audio quality. This is Kristin Hersh live at The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY on the 25th April 2007. In terms of the above statement this is a very good quality audience recording with very little audience 'noise' between songs and a good level and clean overall sound that captures all elements of the show. I guess it is also a collectors item for any fan of Kristin, it's a cliche we probably use to often here at Beehive Candy, but you won't be disappointed. This was the first show on the North American tour to feature the advertised string section of The McCarricks. They had suffered unforseen visa problems and finally flew into New York during the day of the show and after performing their own opening set, they performed along with Kristin, the resulting additional dimension to the music is stunning. The tour was in

2010FM - October Edition Two

It's been a busy few days and a considerable amount of new music came our way pretty much as soon as the last 2010FM feature was published. To keep on top of all the great tunes that have arrived this is yet another bumper helping of what we have enjoyed listening to. Starting this time around at a rather gentle pace with Joshua English who has roots in both Portland, Oregon and Boston Massachusetts. Culling inspiration from Raymond Carver, perpetual motion, and oceans of black coffee, his new record, 'Lay Bare Your Bones', presents a unique brand of cynicism and leads a novel exploration of life's ironies. With influences spanning Sam Cooke to Public Enemy, Joshua English's forthcoming release reveals core threads of Brit-folk weaved over stylistic leanings akin to Chuck Ragan and Billy Bragg. Whether the understated and meandering beauty of “Nickel In” or the over-caffeinated, somebody-done-somebody- wrong sensibility of “River Rising Quickly,” this collect

Jeff Buckley - Various Sessions 1994 - 95

This is another selection of radio sessions and promotional appearances by Jeff Buckley mainly in support of the album Grace and the associated touring. These short sets along with the further insight we can gain from the various (even shorter) interviews help add further insight into the man whose brief musical career continues to please and move so many people. Jeff comes across as really enjoying these sessions and I wonder if it is because of the time in his life when he could just turn up at a cafe and play without any hype or crowds of expectant fans. I mention this because of the brief December 1996 'tour' where he appeared on his "phantom solo tour" of cafés in the Northeast  in December 1996, appearing under a series of aliases such as The Crackrobats, Possessed by Elves, Topless America, Martha & the Nicotines, and A Puppet Show Named Julio. By way of justification Jeff Buckley posted a note on his Internet site stating that he missed the anon