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Supergrass - Nottingham, England 1998

This is Supergrass live at Rock City, Nottingham, England back on the 18th January 1998. The band split up last year (2010) siting musical differences however during their eighteen years together a legacy of energised, excuberent performances both live and recorded will I am sure be remembered with great fondness by many. In mid-1994, Supergrass issued their debut single "Caught by the Fuzz" on the small independent local (Oxford) label Backbeat Records. The song recounts lead singer and guitarist Gaz Coombes' experience of being arrested and cautioned by police in possession of cannabis. The limited release of vinyl copies sold out quickly, thanks in part to support from John Peel on his Radio One show. The Parlophone label signed the band and re-released the single in the autumn of the same year. It achieved the rare feat of both NME and Melody Maker "Single Of The Week" status in the same week. "Mansize Rooster", released in February 1995, peak

Debbie Harry - Melbourne, Australia 1990

This is Debbie Harry performing live at the Metro Nightclub in Melbourne, Australia back on the 20th March 1990. This was the only gig outside of the UK and USA in 1990 (as I understand) and the set list was a mixture of solo material and Blondie songs. Debbie released the album Def, Dumb and Blonde in 1989. At this point she reverted from "Debbie" to "Deborah" for her professional name. The first single "I Want That Man" was a hit in Europe, Australia, and on the U.S. Modern Rock Charts. The success of the single propelled the album to number 12 on the UK charts. However, with little promotion from her record company in the US, it peaked at number 123. She followed this up with the ballad "Brite Side" and the club hit "Sweet and Low". "Maybe for Sure", a track originally recorded by Blondie for the Rock and Rule animated film, was the fourth single released from the album in June 1990 to coincide with a UK tour (her seco

2011Candy - February Edition Two

Background: When you think of finely tuned guitar-pop, Stockport, UK is not what necessarily comes to mind as a breeding ground for the next big thing. Indie rockers The Kill Van Kulls - now Manchester-based - have only been together for six months and have already garnered attention from the likes of XFM and BBC. While finding inspiration in a disused mill and working through the night to sharpen their upbeat four to the floor, kick heavy pop songs, The Kill Van Kulls plan to release their first single “Fools Wish” via the band’s own label on February 28th. In the grand tradition of Echo & The Bunnymen, what started out as a three piece plus a drum machine, has evolved into a more robust and lush sounding quartet that’s reminiscent of The Doves, The Cure, Simple Minds and pretty much any John Hughes film soundtrack. More recent artists with the same flair for indie pop and new wave rock that come to mind include Twin Shadow, Brahms, Amazing Baby, and Neon Indian. Their lead