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2011Candy - March Edition One

Background: yourfeetstoobig (or yftb) is 22 year old Chicago resident Kevin Benishek. Currently working under the moniker yourfeetstoobig, Kevin Benishek is a artist/musician who has in the past dabbled in everything from hip-hop beats to lo-fi experimental projects. "My methods are constantly changing and evolving" as Kevin puts it. What was once an electronic bedroom project (started in 2009) has quickly grown into live shows. Blending a multitude of different genres, everything from pop, shoegaze and freak-folk finds its way into the yourfeetstoobig soundwaves. Since the release of his first self-released EP, Hunter/Gather (released January 19th), his lo-fi, pop tracks have been featured on SIC Records 100th release, loveSICdisco, with the likes of Memory Tapes, Memory House and Niva. Tracks have also been released through the digital singles label Beko-DSL. yourfeetstoobig's tracks are upbeat, but engaging and beautiful to listen to anywhere. The dance pop-inf

Frank Zappa - The Weasel Music Acetate 1969

Rather than just rewrite the liner notes that accompanied this I have just copied and pasted them in full, the story behind this is all there and reads as follows. As early as in the late ’60s, Frank Zappa was already planning a big box called The History & Collected Improvisations of the Mothers of Invention. Among the discs in the collection (it has been reported as a 12-record set, then a 10-LP set and later a nine-disc set) is The Weasel Music. Some tracks from this big box found their way to Weasels Ripped My Flesh in 1970. According to one review on the internet, “This is Zappa’s most avant garde work. If Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler and Peter Brotzmann got together and made a rock album, it would sound like this.” The wikipedia notes: “Weasels Ripped My Flesh mostly captures the Mothers on stage, where they employ frenetic and chaotic improvisation characteristic of avant-garde free jazz.” The Weasel Music Acetate would fit right at home on Weasels Ripped My Flesh.