Quality Not Quantity - Four On Thursday

On An On - 'It's Not Over'. Sometimes videos really can add something to a song. The music stands on it's own, the video just takes you somewhere, a kind of journey, oh enough words, give it a viewing and brighten up your day!


Presenting Welsh folk-rock duo Zervas & Pepper. I am reliably informed that - They make the phenomenally chilled-out old Laurel Canyon sound along the lines of Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The new album Abstract Heart is the perfect soundtrack to summer driving.

Actually some fair comparisons perhaps, I would add they make very good Welsh folk come country come rock music. Add to that that interest is picking up in the UK with mainstream radio airplay and Mojo magazine giving them the big thumbs up, the quality of their music is setting them apart. More Here.


Australia again! Lauren Valentine we are told - is a playful singer/songwriter, who entered the Melbourne music scene in 2011 and has been gigging around some prestigious local venues ever since. Her live show, which blends a quirky sense of fun with catchy and original indie-pop songs, has been featured in Stonnington’s ArtsBurst Festival 2012, Short + Sweet Festival 2011 and 2012, and Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013. Since then she has been hard at work in the studio recording her debut single ‘Limbs’.

Lauren's unique sound combines ethereal layered harmonies and quirky looped rhythms to create a catalogue of hooky tracks that can best be described as romantic, charming, and theatrical, with a pop edge.

Another song where the time and thought for the supporting video has in my opinion paid off. That said this song would have been featured on the strength of the song. Yes that word quirky again, but done well quirky works, well it does for me.


This is Beehive Candy's fifth Australian artist featured in just two articles. I therefore claim my free all expenses paid month long holiday down under for services rendered to Australian culture. No? Oh well the artist - Lanks. - As Melbourne producer Lanks prepares for his EP tour, he's gifted another teaser, this time with reference to a small miracle of nature.

Will Cuming aka Lanks explains 'Aurelia' is an unrequited love story, inspired by Aurelia, the moon jellyfish, which is illuminated and animated each night by the moon. It lasts until daybreak, when it lays dormant, awaiting it's return.

'Aurelia' marks the third and final single from Lanks EP 'Banquet', out Friday July 3 when he also kicks off his seven date tour at Boardriders, Coolangatta.

I hear a hint of Thom Yorke in the vocals, not a copy or styling just a similarity and one that really adds to the featured song. Enjoy!