Sundays Alternative Take - Less Is More & More Is More

Starr Blazerz - Found That Soul.

Background - Starr Blazerz began in 2013 as a songwriting collaboration between Virginia producer Justin Marlowe and Dallas songwriting veteran Glen Reynolds. By late 2014, both artists were intrigued by the potential of a full release of their work together. At that point Starr Blazerz was born. Inspired by the early 80's anime TV series, the band's name credits their blend of hip hop ("Starr" a salute to rap pioneers Gang Starr), R&B, House, and Synth Pop with the trippy nature of said mixture ("Blazerz").

'Found That Soul' is the first of three singles from Starr Blazerz' forthcoming album "Reconstruction", out in early 2016.

The first single (due out on the 9th October) is a really nice surprise. For me there are shades of OMD in the lead vocals (that's a plus point) and a striking soundtrack. The album is quite stunning and has even stronger tracks, so if you like the single make a note to grab the album in due course.


Autograf - Dream (Deepend Remix).

And we are told - Our remix is part of a remix package released by Ultra Music on September 4th.  Dream has now officially been remixed by Dutch deep house DJ/Producer duo Deepend. Deepend is known their distinctive and groovy deep house sound with which they are currently having a big summer hit for their remix of American pop singer Matt Simons 'Catch & Release'. The track stormed the Hypem Charts (overall) resulting in two #1 positions! With fast growing support throughout the blogosphere and radio support in Europe and the USA, Deepend is ready to establish their name within the international dance scene!

There is just something about this remix that sets it apart. Perhaps it's by not overwhelming the original but rather just enhancing and uplifting the song.


Gelegenheit macht Liebe - Toys.

Minimalist background - With the second release on Sweet Stuff Records the German based producer Gelegenheit macht Liebe brought us an outstanding EP with 3 techno tracks, concentrated on sweet melodies and thrilling beats.

Another case in point that sometimes, 'less is more'. Or is there something in the collective German DNA, that allows them to make tunes like 'Toys', that sound so effortless and yet thoroughly pleasing?


Susanne Sundfør - Kamikaze (Steve Angello & AN21 Remix).

Even smaller minimalist background - Former Swedish House Mafia founder Steve Angello drops his new remix for Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør's "Kamikaze." 

This is gaining some attention and not surprisingly, it's a melting pot of remix ideas that collectively work. Conversely it leaves me with the conundrum that sometimes 'more is more'.