Sunday Alternative: Sin Cos Tan - ALXA - Jade The Moon - Sweet Mix Kids ft. Pikachunes

Sin Cos Tan - Ten Years (single from Smile Tomorrow Will Be Worse -EP).

Background - Finnish synthpop duo Sin Cos Tan shares new single ‘Ten Years’, a new EP is also set for a release in October. Synth-pop duo Sin Cos Tan have already three albums, a host of packed-out festival appearances and a big dose of musical experience. Finnish duo consists of 2 already established musicians: producer-DJ Jori Hulkkonen (who has previously put his magical producer hands on works also with Tiga, Pet Shop Boys´ Chris Lowe, Jose Gonzalez...) and Juho Paalosmaa, songwriter and vocalist also from Villa Nah who released one of the best albums of 2010 ‘Origin’. 
The Sin Cos Tan duo received huge international critical acclaim for their self-titled debut album and hit single “Trust” back in 2012, including a nomination for ‘Critics Choice of Album of The Year’ at the Finnish Emma-Awards. The boys chose not to rest on their laurels and released only 10 months later their successful follow-up album ‘Afterlife’ including hit single Limbo. Third album "Blown Away" was released fall 2014 with singles "Love Sees No Colour" and "Lifestyle" and "Heart Of America". 

From their self-titled debut album in 2012 onwards, Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen have established a classic partnership within the duo-format, great songwriting and cool synth sounds. With three critically acclaimed albums already out and new more clubby EP on the way, Sin Cos Tan is at the peak of their creative powers. No shortage of drama, intensity nor sheer pop perfection – this duo delivers.

'Ten Years' has a dance feel, that drifts into an atmospheric synth pop song, and keeps on developing, until the final note.


ALXA - Let Go.

Background - With a wealth of material in many styles lined up for 2016, ALXA begins her musical journey with the single 'Let Go'  from the forthcoming ‘Lost E.P.’ a collection of electronic based tracks.

A voice, which at the tender age of 20 has already been compared to both Amy Winehouse and Adele could be both a blessing and a curse. Yet within the incredible voice of ALXA you get that sense of pain, and effortlessness that you got with Amy, plus a vocal range and power that hints at Adele but with a soulful, rhythm and blues undertone and inspiration. If there is a voice capable of trying to carry the burden of these lofty comparisons its surely ALXA’s. 

ALXA is a 20 year old singer/songwriter based in Islington, North London. She has been singing from a very young age, and from early on can remember being inspired by an eclectic range of jazz, opera, soul and house music. Describing her music in one word as ‘passionate’ ALXA bases her song writing on real life stories, different places and stages in her life. ALXA refers to her music and style as ‘human’, in other words she connects with the feelings and emotions of her listeners through the common medium of music.

ALXA has a remarkable voice and range, and she uses it to full effect on 'Let Go'. Comparisons there may be, however, she can clearly put her own mark on a song, another one of those that leaves me wanting to hear more.


Jade The Moon  - U Take Care.

Background - The lyrics for "U Take Care" can actually be perceived in so many ways. This track was conceived after a 3 day Foals listening binge and recorded loosely into a voice note similar to our previous track. The track was built around the original voice note recording, which  actually makes several appearances on the final final production of the song.  At first listen 'U Take Care' may sound like a love song, but if you listen closely its got a mean streak….

We like to attempt to create honest music, letting the listeners in as to interact and guide us in our music creation.

We featured Jade The Moon a few months back, 'U Take Care' just seems to good to ignore. The soundtrack intrigues, the fine vocals contrast with their smoothness, even with a mean streak in the lyrics.


Sweet Mix Kids ft. Pikachunes - The Whole World.

Background - Prominent New Zealand DJ group Sweet Mix Kids present their new single, The Whole World, featuring Wellington/Melbourne synth-pop prince Pikachunes. 'The Whole World' is a collaboration between Pikachunes and Sweet Mix Kids (Warner NZ). It's a genre mashing beast the guys recorded between NZ, Paris and LA late last year. Pikachunes is the indie pop musical project of Miles McDougall (i.e. Miles G. Loveless), a songwriter, musician and producer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Trained in jazz, for McDougall "a typical track features one or two synths, a 70's analog bass line, and a series of reverberated vocal harmonies, all driven by an atypical disco beat.".

He founded Pikachunes as a solo project in 2009, after a skateboarding incident left him with plates and pins in his arm. At the time he was studying Jazz Performance on drums and working towards a Bachelor of Music. While his arm healed McDougall turned to digital composition and production to keep himself occupied. According to McDougall, "The name came to me whilst I was in hospital under heavy amounts of morphine for pain. As cliche as it sounds I woke up with the name in my head and it stuck." In August 2015 McDougall signed with Sydney record label, Monday Records.

A great funky rhythm drives this song forward, with stand out vocals. Talking of which the repetitive lines almost become a musical instrument in themselves.