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Saturday Specials: The Mantles - Limbo Sanctuary - Clara Lofaro

The Mantles - Doorframe. Everything you could possibly need to know - Bay Area garage-pop band The Mantles announce their latest musical offering, 'All Odds End.' The new album will be released via Slumberland Records on October 16. What makes the Mantles the Mantles? Maybe it's the idiosyncratic motion and energy of Michael Olivares' vocals, the way they alternately stroll and hop assuredly over the music. Or maybe it's the band's sound itself, familiar and classic yet increasingly distinctive, and growing-with acoustic texture; keyboard hooks and licks; and resonant and representative drumbeats-to its deepest, warmest, fullest, and most colorful on their third album, All Odds End (out October 16th on Slumberland Records), a record that is quintessentially Mantles from the sheer sonic splendour and elation-and biting words-of the album-opening "Island" on through to the final harmony of "Stay." The album exits with "Stay,"

Fridays Three: Street Chant - Betty Moon - Alpha Rev

Street Chant - Pedestrian Support League. Some words from the band - Emily Littler from Street Chant: "Pedestrian Support League is a song loosely about Auckland life. Coming back from being on tour a lot and moving back into a crummy flat in Grey Lynn I felt an extreme sense of ennui amongst my peers and especially in myself. A few years ago I had felt excitement for the future and now I was paranoid my flatmates were stealing all my margerine. The chorus “enrol to vote and so it goes, everyone dresses like us nowadays..” expresses the amusement and dissatisfaction I felt with my surroundings - amusement because I felt like I was living out some “food for flatties” cookbook cliche, but watching National win another election as well my seemingly endless ability to stagnate bought about an extreme sense of apathy . The new album Hauora will be released in November 2015 on Arch Hill/Flying Nun. Kicks off with a nice funky bass line and then a fine Indie tune ensues. Pleasing,

Thursdays Australian Double Play

Dubarray - Serendipity. Background words provided - Fresh off the back of a finalist nomination in the Q-music awards, Sunshine Coast’s Dubarray have revealed their new single 'Serendipity' to keep them on the road this Spring/Summer. Taken from their sophomore album 'Visions Collide’, 'Serendipity' boasts the band’s signature drum and bass sound that combines worldly textures and progressive flow with smooth vocal hooks. Dubarray are a unique story of an Australian act who kicked off their journey in Europe four years ago, building solid foundations within many countries thanks to a hectic live schedule. During that time the band have released two albums, returned to tour Europe four times, have hit the Australian road for three national tours and have been nominated for various Music Oz and Queensland Music awards. Radio buzz so far has come from community and college stations in Australia, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Bali.  While Dubarray have pl

Wednesdays Genre Mash

American Pinup - Committed. Background - Fronted by Lauren West, who combines sultry crooning with a raspy rock and roll growl, American Pinup draw from influences from across the spectrum of alternative music. The result is a blend of pop-savvy melody and punk rock attitude. The band is rounded out by Rob Peralta – guitar, Tim Robbins – bass and John Casale – drums. Following two full-length albums and two EPs, multiple national tours, and countless appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, and SXSW, American Pinup have carved out their own niche. A tireless, DIY work ethic has propelled the quartet from obscurity to a coveted spot on the Alternative Press list of “100 Bands You Need To Know” in 2014: They’re about to release a new collection of songs, “The Radio EP”—4 tracks that take the NY based indie rock quartet’s savvy power pop/punk sound to a new level . A little rock swagger as punk meets pop, American Pinup just get on with playing their way, the re

Tuesdays Double Play - A Little Indie Pleasure

Literature - The English Softhearts. Philadelphia indie-pop outfit Literature just undertook a short tour with Baltimore's Expert Alterations. The two groups will be releasing a split 7" together on Square Of Opposition Records. And part of their Bio - Philadelphia, PA's Literature features Kevin Attics, Nathaniel Cardaci, Chris Schackerman, and Seth Whaland. Attics, who'd written for numerous music trades as a teen, met Cardaci and Whaland at the house venue they both operated in Austin, TX. Cardaci and Whaland each ran small imprint labels and, a million adventures later, the trio decided to form a band. Upon moving to Philadelphia the group befriended Schackerman who also joined the fold. Autumn of 2013 saw the band begin work on their second album, Chorus, with lauded engineer Gary Olson (whose body of work includes records by Crystal Stilts, Mad Scene and The Beets) at his Marlborough Farms studio in Brooklyn, NY. As a beautiful autumn turned into one of

The Apples In Stereo - 40 Watt Club, 2006 (Internet Archive)

From the Internet Archive this is  The Apples In Stereo Live at 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA on the 12th August 2006. Legend holds that the legendary 40 Watt Club, was so named because in the early days the venue was lit by precisely one 40-watt light bulb. That’s not quite true, but it’s a good story, and in rock and roll mythology, the truth is always trumped by a good story. Made famous by the booming Athens indie scene of the 1980s, the 40 Watt Club wasn’t initially a commercial enterprise at all. Like so many things in Athens during that era, the venue was a DIY endeavor from the get-go – a small rehearsal space and unofficial party spot operated by local scenester Curtis Crowe. The small studio was, at one point, lit by a single light bulb. But by the time it became a regular venue for Athens bands, the electrical situation had improved. The Apples in Stereo are an American psychedelic pop and indie rock band associated with Elephant Six Collective, a group of bands also in

Sundays Alternative Take - Less Is More

Nick Artic - Melodia. A little of his Bio - After years of exploring the house scene as part of the crowd, the swift transformation from music junkie into a professional player in the game of electronic dance music seemed imminent for Dutch DJ and producer Nick Schoonheim. With the night lights luring, the DJ decks calling and the urge to create his own sounds growing rapidly, he adapted the Nick Artic moniker and set out on a mission. This rookie is more than ready to storm the world and conquer it bit by bit – one beat at a time . If tropical house is intended to transport us to some far away sun drenched Caribbean Island, then the tune 'Melodia' has cracked it. What's more it's available as a free download! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMAND Q - Dolphin. Background -  COMMAND Q aren't your typical dance duo and they're definitely not making typical da